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I have three characters who will eventually meet.  Two girls and a boy.  Do I want to write separate stories for these characters, or weave them all together into one story, which would boot me out of the realm of YA because of the length?

Current ms (almost done) - MC is a 16 year old girl, miserable refugee kid from Dakarai (forbidden country - no one goes there) who has long felt out of place in her adoptive home, and longs to, and dreams of, returning to Dakarai where her brown kin and flat eyes don't make her different from everyone else  Growing up, her father forbade talk about Dakarai, but for some reason her uncle, in secret, taught her the songs of their people - mostly childrens songs aka little lesson songs  - and thus kept the language alive in her.  While traveling with her half-brother's and his mother's people on the river separating Dakarai from their home, the ship is attacked by terrible, fierce beasts and the Crimson Riders - the Rex of Dakarai's warriors.  As the only Dakarain on board the ship she is separated from the others, but then escapes thanks to help from two slaves, but not until after she is given a choice--be a slave like the others, or become a Rider.  She learns later that the Rex has horrible plans for the people she once couldn't wait to get away from.  Her brother and the others are taken deep into her enemy territory.  She must find her brother - vows to - and must deal with the reality of finally returning home, her dream (and the theme of the book is woven in there).  And a bunch of other stuff. Lots of stuff.  She eventually discovers that she wasn't just a refugee - NOT A CHOSEN ONE THANKS - but she isn't the only child rushed secretly out of Dakarai when the Rex took over.

As it stands now, hers is the only POV in this book (third person), and at the end, she will start looking for the others like herself.  And that is the quandry - I *could* do this multiple POV and write the other two characters like her in the first book, weaving their journeys to the same end, or I could write each POV in their own book (and the last have all their POVS?? that would be weird).  Or, I could simply add a 2nd pov in the second book, add the 3rd in the third.  Would that be weird?  First book - 1 pov.  Second book - 2 pov (with current MC the lesser POV).  Third and final book - 3 pov (with the 1st and 2nd POV the lesser POV until they all get together in the end)..

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