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Been thinking about this for awhile.  I have a LOT of computers - 2 dead ones too - and the ones that are running are either very old (my Netbook, still running but pre-Vista), one Vista computer, my Toshiba which is a piece of junk, seriously I hate it but I use it to stream onto my tv, my desktop which is offline and only for the music and watching running videos. It is in front of my treadmill in the kitchen.

I also have an ipad with keyboard which is okay but clumsy (I am clumsy), and this computer, a very sturdy HP but the monitor is toast (lines lines and more lines) so I use it as a desktop. 

But despite having all these older, cranky computers, NONE are what I truly need right now - a light, portable, writing-dedicated computer that can go with me everywhere, anytime, always, to get the rest of this story drafted.    Enter the Chromebook!  For $193 I have this little guy coming to me:

I will be putting Scrivener on it either through adding Ubuntu or utilizing WINE so I can just use the Windows version of Scrivener.  Probably will try WINE first and no I have no idea what all this truly means - I've just been reading about it all this evening. :) 

In any case - this will give me a light, super-spiffy writing computer that I will be able to easily tote anywhere I want without having to resort to packing up and packing and hauling a big ol' laptop around.  I am super excited!!  

And I will NOT be using it for Facebook!  Dreamwidth! Twitter!  NO! NONE OF THAT! This is for WRITING!!!!!


(that makes no sense typed up but I heard it in my head).

Now though it is time to watch The Americans.  Woo!
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