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My 20 gallon long tank is finally cycled, and I love it!  I have wanted to start a betta sorority for ages, and today is the day!  I will be looking for 4-5 female bettas to join my girl Bette Midler lol.  I keep calling her Poppy though so I guess that is her nickname.  These silly fish (3 tanks now) have truly brightened my life, and I love them.  The 20g long, the 20g tall, and  2.5 though that one needs an upgrade as fighting the ammonia is hard.  It spiked horribly yesterday and I don't want Thor to get ammonia burns. There was a cute little 5 gallon at my new favorite pet store for 10 bucks so I think I will get that for him today, which means an empty tank, which means...  I am going to get another baby!  I loved growing a baby betta. I'll get a female this time though so she can go in the 20 long.

Enough fish talk.

Writing - limping along.  I hope to make some more progress this weekend.  I fell out of the habit of writing during lunch, but I am working to get back to that.  This weekend my plan is to outline what scenes I have left to fill in to get to where what was YA's main character's 'mirror moment' - that moment when she (Aneli is her name) finally realized that it was up to her to take the plunge, possibly sacrificing herself, to save her half-brother and his people (who she always felt apart from, but has finally come to realize they have been her family all along, she was the one who held back).   It was a fabulous ride getting her to this point, but I don't want to continue on with her journey until I get the others to their moments.  (not all at once, that would be boring).  Getting everyone in the same country is the main goal, I think!  And I am super excited about having Aneli meet Milandria at long last.  My two favorite women characters ever!  Especially Milandria - she has been with me for almost 17 years.  

Dogs are great.  LOVE MY DOGS.   

I wish, wish so bad, I could find one person, male or female I don't care, who is local to me who would happily meet up with me on a regular basis for writing sessions.  Everything is so crit-oriented and frankly, that doesn't interest me. Sorry.  I want to WRITE WITH PEOPLE. Like, over lunch or breakfast!  On the weekends, not during the week - everything is during the week, and I just can't do that.   I love when my friend Anthony is in town as we always have such a great time meeting up and writing and dinner and talk and such.  Everyone I know either has families, or lives in Dallas, so it isn't possible to meet regularly.  Sigh.

I have paid up my Sirens registration and cannot wait to go again.  It is in Vail this year! HIGH HIGH SO HIGH in the mountains!!  I love this con so damn much.  It is women-focused, Sci-Fi Fantasy, and this will be my second year.  THIS year I go knowing a bunch of people which makes it even better.   One of the women I met there is also local to me - and clear up north of Dallas.  We've met up a couple of times, and it was awesome, but again - she has family, so it isn't a regular thing.

I never made it to Scarborough Faire - again. I meant to, but the $$ wasn't there, and the roof drama--just too much, and too much going on.  I could go today I guess but again, not gonna happen.

Other stuff - I am loving my house, my backyard, my dogs, my world.  I wish sometimes there was someone with me to experience this, but the one person I'd want is firmly planted, and happily, in England and will stay there.  He has a dog now too - a husky! She is adorable.  I plan to get back there next year.  It has been a couple years since we saw each other :(.  Sadface.  

I suppose I could try dating, but...  Not feeling it. LOL.  Meh!

I suppose I could go do errands now - dry my hair, throw on pants and go.  Then come back and spend the rest of the day with the dogs - tonight after it cools I am taking Maddox to the washadoggery to blow all his fur off. That should be fun!!  

There are so many things broken around my house that I need to get fixed:

1. Kitchen sink - garbage disposal is dead, and my hot water is turned off under the sink because of the leak i had a few weeks ago that totally saturated through to my bedroom before I discovered it. I can't fix this one myself dammit.

2. Bathroom toilet - it is dead. I know how to fix toilets, but for some reason the water won't shut off. It is bizarre. Fortunately my half-bath is right next to my room, but what a pain. In fact I need to redo my entire master bath. It looks like a college dorm bathroom. Boring.

3. Fence. I need help turning my fence into Sibe Quentin - there are two main places where the dogs have destroyed it (chasing squirrels and possums) and so the places are covered up with junk. I need desperately to get planks replaced, fencing generally fixed, and chicken wire/gravel put around the perimeter (best cure for husky escapes). If I do that, then I can get a doggie door and the dogs can go in and out all day.

4. Carpet - needs ripping up and replacing. Badly. BADLY. I spent soooo much on that carpet - and then got huskies.

5. Walls - got a professional paint job 9 years ago but it needs serious touching up all over - love my yellow walls but edges, baseboards, etc. yeah. Kitchen needs repainting too.

6. There is a hole in the wall in my bathroom. Needs repair.

7. Little bathroom - needs baseboards. Tiff painted it a pretty green and I like it but it is so generic. It would be nice to spiff it up.

8. Upstairs - major cleaning, throwing away of old furniture, two aquariums need breaking down - son owes me and needs to take care of this crap

9. And then of course my car - needs cosmetic work (new side mirror, new front grill, the hood has dents that I think can be fixed, the dark blue paint is being beat up in the Texas heat and I would love to get that spiffed up).

10. Backyard - huskies are very hard on yards, and my yard sucks. I would love to build a new back porch, big slabs - I know how to do it as my co-worker did and told me how to do it but damn, hard work. I also want more trees. I have a big backyard. Wait - more trees means more squirrels....

I also want to get a new table and chairs for the dining area, sell my treadmill and move the little marble table into the kitchen area - I want to steam my floors too. And fix the front yard up, plant flowers...


Okay not really - but seeing this list makes me think I need to figure out what of this I can do myself, what I can get my son's help, and who can do the other stuff for me. I need a handyman! Or woman! Someone! And a plumber.

At least, thankfully, I know my a/c won't give out on me this year - it is brand new! It CAN'T!!!!!!! And is under warranty.

Also - this afternoon I went to Starbucks and poured through my oldoldold fantasy and the newer one and realized that yes, they belong together - it was interesting to read back through my outline of the old fantasy and see where I lost focus on some of the characters, especially Milandria, but where in the new fantasy, she has a rich role... and I realize that it won't take much work to rework the entire outline, weaving them together... the story arcs... so important they all work, and in the oldold it all fell apart and I couldn't see it...

I definitely think it is worth the effort of seeing if it truly will work as I see it in my head. Definitely.

Finished the Cleopatra Selene trilogy this morning from 2:00 a.m. to about 4:30. LOL. I woke up at 2:00 and went to the restroom and thought oh man, so close to the end... shouldn't take long! And so I did. And bawled like crazy, hit my emotions hard and awesomely - absolutely LOVED this trilogy (Stephanie Dray is the author). If you like first person, female POV, an MC with incredible insight and a damn good journey, exquisite writing (well I sure liked it) and a writer who makes a world and time and place come to life... yeah. Good story.

Am rewatching Orphan Black in prep for the next season/series. So excited, so fabulous to watch again - picking up more stuff, little hints, and am clearer on things. So damn good.
And, I've been doing writerly things, and a lot of work things, and there has been ice, and I must go be a zombie now (truth!) but really, I really really want to write a real post.


Was iced in the house for several days. SO much fun. LOVED IT.

So did my dogs. :)





and lastly, the little Prince

Every evening when I get home I am greeted by those things in my user pic up there. OH THE GUILT! I feel SO horrid and mean for leaving them from basically 8 a.m. until I get home which is around 6:30, and sometimes later. It never fails though, early or late, when I get home I am met with happy woos and wiggles and lots of licking and wags. And of course I make a HUGE fuss over my beasties - they have been so very good, dealing with this new situation of ours since my son (their Lord and Master lol) moved out. They miss him, *I* miss him, mostly because now I have to go straight home as that is a heck of a long day to be stuck in the house.

But I think I am letting guilt, and the dogs, have too much control over me. As soon as they are let outside, back inside, fed and scritched, it is cuddle time... which means in the evenings, what am I doing? This:


Is it any wonder I am not getting a thing done in the evenings?? I plan to behave tonight though. I will work on my ms from 7:30 - 9:00 and then from 9:00 to 10:00 cuddle the dog. That seems fair, doesn't it? (Cuddle Maddox, that is - Shelby is an on-the-floor-girl which given she is around 65 pounds, this is good. I make darn sure she gets plenty of scritches every night and morning and on weekends - I just have to go down to her level. She is the Queen, after all!).


Just downloaded my crit buddy's new draft - am so excited to get started hacking and slashing and writing wicked red comments... bwa ha ha ha ha! No, seriously, this is an awesome story and I am VERY PROUD of you, [ profile] jealousofstars for not letting Evil Things sway you from getting this story out. It will do AWESOME.

Okay best log off this here thing - must run to the post office for the boss. Dang it, I am just so weird these days - I absolutely love being here every day, doing this work. The only thing that could make it better is if I could have my dogs at my feet all day. Wouldn't that be the best?!


Shelby thinks so!
So once again a month has passed without my writing a post, even though I have thought about doing so dozens of times. I am not sure where this reluctance to share my life seeps from...but it is there, and real, and I have become so selfish about my personal experiences, wanting to keep all of it to myself that even when I start to share I stop and think nah, no reason to share all that. Still, I do love jotting things down, as it gives me a kick now and then to look at the early months of this lj or my old lj I shared with Nick (twisting_path) and well, just reminiscing about all the fun in the past.

The last month has been full of wondrous and amazing events, as well as some sad and frustrating ones. The good - sharing an experience with someone special we'd both been looking forward to for years and years... Done now! And I am so glad to have been a part of that. Meant so much. The bad - watching some friendships explode and disintegrate (my old crit group), though in the end, I believe where the cards have fallen is a good thing. I adore my Team Awesome, and believe we're all in a good place now. I certainly feel a lot less EEEK now, and have lost the feeling I'd had of not belonging. Friendships lost, but friendships strengthened, and I am glad of that.

So cryptic, Cee!

Not much else going on - my daughter and son are doing well, about to start into school again - Tiff called me today and we talked a good half hour during my lunch about how happy she is now in Orlando. She loves what she is studying, she loves her new Starbucks she has moved to, she loves her roomies (in a house and there is a dog, a darling Golden I got to meet last month), and life is just so HAPPY for her. She likes Orlando now that she is settled there, and knowing she can fly home cheaply and easily helps. Thank goodness for cheapo airfare to Orlando!

Work is going very well - I love working for my boss, love my little firm, I feel in control and settled and I just buzz happily away all day, every day. There is a lot of stress but for some reason I am handling it better than I did. Living alone is kinda weird but kinda nice too... I get home from work, feed the dogs, play with the dogs, cuddle the dogs. Maddox has become like glue on me during the evenings. I spend a lot of time with him curled up with me. Weekends are relaxing - I try to meet Suz at least once a week on weekends to write, and oh I have my Gingerman writing group - we meet Monday nights at The Gingerman, a cute little bar near my work. Am getting to know that crew better and better and just really adore them all. Plus, it is a huggy group. I like hugs. :)

I need to get a dog door put in but this will also entail a massive overhaul of the fence (i.e., electrifying it!) because Maddox is an escape artist and we very nearly lost him a few weeks ago while I was gone, but my neighbor saved him. Whew! He pulls planks off and wiggles through. So frustrating that I can't trust him in his own backyard. :(

Writing...have to say I was and am disappointed with how my last book has done. I have several ideas of why that is so, what contributed to it not doing well (while my other books DO continue to sell well), but such is the way of things, right? Not going to stress over it, it is what it is and hey what I have received in royalties definitely paid a bill that needed paying so that is good.

I've been working on my sci fi, expanding it - about ten scenes to go on that - and am falling hard for the brilliance of Scrivener as it is helping me sort out my fantasy mess, which I have needed to for about oh a decade, I suppose? More later on that, and on writing in general (I say that and then another month will go by, oops). The happy is I found, buried deep in my email, the outline I'd written ages and ages and I do mean more than 9 years ago for this fantasy story, and rereading it now, I can see clearly what will work and what needs to be changed. All in all though? I think it will be a go. It always makes me so happy to visit with these characters! I miss them!

All for now. It is bedtime - haven't been sleeping well since the weekend because dork me burned the roof of my mouth on too-hot pizza. The burns were pretty much agony - last night I finally was able to tolerate warm food. Horrifically painful. :(

This ended up longer than I thought. I do ramble!

The house is so quiet, with only the dogs to keep me company and right now both are asleep. Shelby is snoring on her pillow, and Maddox, having been worn out by getting brushed (blowing coat season) and playing ball (the husky who fetches!), is laying in the hallway, twitching.  Chasing rabbits? Squirrels, probably, as we have one that taunts him madly.

My son Kelly is in Florida with his sister.  Left last night, first class thanks to my sister.  I have no idea what they are doing right now, or did today, but that is okay - having a son and a daughter who actually adore each other and are having a good time together is really all I need.    But I miss my son aka The Noise Upstairs (days sometimes go by and I only hear him, or shout up to him and he down to me).  This is how it will be for me, soon enough.  Just me and the dogs and the house.  I need to get used to the idea, I know.  That is life after all... kids grow up and leave the parents behind.  There is only one parent in this house though, not two, so my 'empty nest' is TRULY empty.  Am mostly okay with that, but not always....

I need to figure that out. Or get Nick to move to the US.... :)

This past weekend I had a visitor!  That would be the lovely and talented and amazingly nice and awesome [ profile] blue_fjords.  We had so much fun but had a relaxing time, too. Lots of talking, writing, hanging out in bars... coffee bars that is. LOL.  We had cupcakes, I did not make her make them we bought them, and generally just Enjoyed. Then Sunday I tossed her to her family who is nearby, went home and took a nice nap. :)

Writing-wise.... am waiting to hear about my novella. Should be hearing on Monday if that publisher wants it or not. If not, I am considering going ahead and instead of having a sequel, to expand the story into novel-length. I would be fine with that, then I'd kick it over to Amber Quill.  Magic is doing really well - #3 bestseller with AQP during February (whee!) and am quite excited to see just how well it does whenever I get the first royalties.

Other projects!  Working on a novella with my local writing group (for Christmas - we are self-pubbing that, which will be an interesting project), and also have two other projects.... one for an anthology that [ profile] talekyn is headlining (mine will be a mystery, heavily influenced, I admit it, by my recent Castle marathon).  I have my characters, one of which has to be named after Anthony (a requirement of the anthology).  All proceeds will be donated to cancer research, and as Anthony is a cancer survivor (hell yeah!) I am very happy to take part and donate said profits.  Hopefully I can write something worthy of consideration!

The other is for this Crossed Genres ( Kickstarter-funded project, Long Hidden, wherein the main characters are to be from the marginalized population of history with a speculative twist tossed in. :)   I am so very very very VERY interested in this anthology! I am so excited it funded so fast and hope it gets up to $20k so they will add 50k words to the anthology..

My idea is based on an idea I came up with ages ago, from when I worked at BNSF Railway.  I bought a book called "She's Been Working on the Railway", stuffed into my shelves and when I heard about this anthology I knew immediately what I wanted to do.  The catch though? ONLY 7,000 WORDS ALLOWED!!! MEEEP!

Can I do it? I don't know but the idea is simple, and once I find the right voice for my character (I think she will be named Helen, as I love that name), I aim to give it a shot.

Otherwise, that's it.  Work is going well, calming down a bit, and my knee is finally healing.   It's not there yet though, and I dare not walk the dogs again...which makes me sad.  Am too afraid they will hurt me again.  Sigh.  I love them, but those two.....

Thanks to    [ profile] pir8fancier am inspired to rewrite my mystery that I have the rights back to.  It was published in 2002.  Sadly,  or perhaps not unexpectedly, I don't have a copy anymore so I ordered one from Amazon that I can cut up and scan into our Adobe OCR.  Also unfortunately, I never saw the second in the series published and it too is long, long, long gone.  There was a moose in it...  And I think maybe I have the opening bit and that is it.

So, forget the second book and it took a path I don't want to take any longer.  It will be a fun side-project, rewriting Home after all this time.  

Great weekend. Srsly.  Writer's group Friday night was a great deal of fun, and though I went to the store Saturday morning, I have not budged from home since.  I plunked a chicken in a pot to slowly cook all weekend - bone broth basically, which the dogs love.  Combined with their kibble (which omg, the good stuff is SO expensive!) makes for happy puppies.  They are also trimming up! Shelby is looking better and she is friskier, which is wonderful!  I'm going to keep this going - the bone broth will last all week.  I like this because instead of grazing, they now gobble their food up. This makes for easier-to-deal-with-digestion, if you know what I mean....  Consistency! Routine! this is good! 

So much to do!  The amazing and wonderfu [ profile] blue_fjords s coming to visit!! Which means of course I HAVE TONS TO CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oy oy oy!!!  I need a list!! I shall make a list!!!  But every room and the back and front would be on the list so maybe that is useless....  LOL.

Finished my hard-copy edits of the sci fi and am now plugging in my changes.  Not sure how long it will take - a week or so?  Next weekend I am going to this con: ttp://, A Literary Science Fiction and Fantasy Event. I definitely will be going to this one:  2 pm: Tweaking Reality: How to Alter History Believably   an 4 pm: Who Killed the Courtroom Drama?  Trends in Mystery.  

Should be awesome fun and awesome hard deciding which panels... Oh my!  I am not sure about Sunday.  or about this underline that now will not go away. LOL.  

I am hoping that I will come out of that con ready to burn rubber on my fantasy.  :)  You know, that same one I've had ready to write for a few years now....  well since 2010? Yeah. Since then. 

That's it for now.  Why am I craving a Twix????


Nov. 4th, 2012 08:21 pm
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I miss writing here, I honestly do. I keep meaning to start up again, but every time I begin a post, I end up deleting it. Think there is just too much going on in my mind right now to put it out there completely to the world at large. My solo life here hasn't been setting well with me lately (especially since Nick was here and gone again), but am taking steps to try and shake that up, get out and meet more people (via Nano, and also next Saturday night going to a drumming circle event in Arlington). It isn't easy though. I think the emptiness of my house gets to me (though my son is still here but he's busy with school and work and his own life, you know?) and I can't shake the feeling that this is my life from now on. Really hate the quiet of my evenings, and tend to just go to bed so the next day will start sooner.

So general stuff:

Doing Nano, but am using it more to finish the edits on IMBM, and rewrite Wayward, which has a new cast and new title, and a new destination once completed. Sci fi thriller--am finding it a lot of fun to twist words and rework things to increase the thrill factor. LOL. Learning, always learning. Also for sheer fun have started a mystery series idea that seized me last week.

Spent most of the weekend away from the house. Sorry puppies...last weekend I didn't leave the house at all.

On IMBM, I pulled it from my publisher. Many reasons for doing so, and it was a risk, but five months, almost six, had gone by without a contract, very little contact with my editor, and frankly, I kinda snapped during GRL (which was amazing and wonderful). I have a new home targeted for it but am currently putting it BACK where it was set originally, but was convinced to change it to a US setting. Other things going on made me want to move on but honestly? The main reason? I don't feel like I belong there. I don't write and don't want to write the kinds of stories that they want. I've just grown into a different writer over the years.

What else? Work is going well. My boss is appreciative and very nice, lots of fun to work for, though the work itself is very challenging and demanding. I feel sometimes I take stupid pills... a couple of times last week I did X instead of Z, only realizing afterwards what a dolt I was. I mean, seriously. I cannot screw this job up - still have a week bit of nervousness about being good enough to do this. It is almost two years now - Dec. 20th - since I got fired. Winning my unemployment case definitely helped, but that little wee bit of fear it will happen again is still there. Possibly always will be (and likely why I am so damn hard on myself).

Dogs are being escape artists lately. Maddox, that is - there is a pit bull two houses over, and he hears that dog, and wants to go see him so he digs and pulls at the planks, breaks through the fence, goes through a neighbor's back yard and messes with the pit bull. A bit scary, that - the dog is a nice dog, thank goodness. I don't trust Maddox, ever. I'd hoped by the time he reached 5 he would settle down and be a good dog but nooo... his curiosity is too high, and he views any blockage to his quest for freedom as an obstacle that must be surmounted. Scares me.

Anything else? Besides my struggle to stay (happy, is what came to mind, hmm) keep life on an even keel, have put myself back on the health bandwagon. Am tired of saying "just need to lose 15 more lbs!" and am doing it. So far so good, am doing the hardcore diet I did a few years ago when I lost all the majority of weight.

Um... I will be so glad when the election is over. I've never been so nervous about an election, ever. I voted on Friday, daughter voted absentee, son is voting after class on Tuesday. Yeah, nervous about the outcome. Quite so.

And once again, my fingers hover over the delete key. Will post this time though, I guess. Guess I had more to say than I thought?
I've not been much in the mood for posting, lately. It certainly isn't due to lack of is just being on twitter, and in a couple of email groups, I tend to spread whatever news I have through those means rather than here. Sorry, LJ...I forget about you. Plus, right now talking about myself isn't that entertaining.

Nothing much has changed yet. I am still unemployed, though I do have an interview on Monday I am very hopeful about. It is with a law firm that I did a lot of freelance work for years ago...literally right before I started working with the railroad in various capacities (which lasted for 16 years altogether). I had called the law firm during the snow week we had last week, just to see if they were still using freelancers. Only talked to the receptionist, learned that they were, and told them okay, awesome, I'll call back. Before I got a chance to, on Wednesday the personnel director, who is the same one from so long ago, had hunted up my number, called me, and said please would you come in and interview? I always liked her tons, and she me, and I said, "You bet!" It was nice to be hunted down like that. I loved freelancing there...the attorneys were great, even the two I worked for the most, who had reps of being hardasses. (One male, one female--ha, the female one, can't remember her name but she is gone from there now--even told me I was the only freelancer she ever liked. Go me).

So, other than that, nothing much else new. I am fighting for my unemployment, which hopefully I won't even need. Getting my hair cut today into something, I don't know what, but I need Style, then daughter and I are off to buy an interview suit tomorrow afternoon.

I just wrote a bunch of stuff about writing, but am going to make that a separate post.

Anyway, that's the state of me. Writing, meeting with friends, talking with Nick as much as possible :), trying not to worry about not having a job yet, and staying warm. Two weeks of crazy cold and snow and ice, and I, personally, am done. Enough. No more please. This is the time of year I am glad I live where I least when we get the frigid weather, it doesn't last long. Brrrr! I admire all you Northern peoples for what you have to put up with, though the snow is just beautiful, and the dogs loved it so very, very much.
Shelby has been re-crated. She is thrilled, btw--she loves that corner, it is all hers, and Maddox doesn't set paw near it. I had to take away the crate when Claire was alive as Shelby would attack her for getting near it. Not good.

The door is closed just for the picture.

She will be crated now while I am at work--Kelly will let her out halfway through the days. She has been Bad lately and I am sick of it. Not sure what the scoop is, but she is banished until we can Solve The Problem.

I'm going to try that 'write a short LJ post' thing now. Can I succeed? Not sure.

My writing group, Rhino's Anonymous (or is that aNANOmous as it is the Nanowrimo group) meets once a month on Saturday's at various places, but usually at a coffee house in Arlington called Java Jo'z. Well... we got there today (which is about a 45 minutes drive for me--no big deal) and it seems Java Jo got in trouble with the health department as it has been closed down. Damn. We ended up on the other side of Arlington at Corner Bakery and happily, getting there first, I managed to snag the one and only plug in the whole place. Eight people showed up which is a nice group. Am really enjoying myself with these peoples--I get alot of inspiration and just... feel-good feelings from them all. We're already gearing up for Nano, which I will do though I'll be into my fantasy by then. So guess I will not be officially-official, but still--now that I know peoples, it is just too fun, the thought of taking part in the madness.

Didn't get much done today on the rewrite, but that's okay--got SOME done. Rewriting entire scenes, chopping out hopefully around 100 pages...fer real...I have a goal of getting that done and turned in by Armadillocon. End of August!

This is already getting kinda long.

Been eating alot of vegan/vegetarian meals. I like. I feel much better too--yesterday, I did NOT eat this way, and I felt blah and poofy today. Pout. Getting back on track though. LOL. Any favorite vegan/vegetarian recipes would not go unappreciated. Mainly, staying away from dairy and, sigh, cheeses, seem to be making the most difference. Hmm.

What else? Oh yes. John Barrowman. Everyone who knows me and Nick knows he is the one obsessed with interested in John Barrowman...he is the one who stalks keeps track of what JB is doing. There are those out there, like Nick's friend E in Germany, who wonder how I deal with the obsession, if I ever get tired of it all, if I get annoyed hearing about Barrowman Barrowman Barrowman all the time...and the truth is, no. I don't.

I told Nick that what I need to do is write an entire post devoted to why I have come to admire, respect, enjoy, adore, love to bits, worship (okay that is stretching it), and appreciate the man and what he does. I should, though am afraid you all would roll your eyes. I should do it anyway, as the list may just surprise you. Perhaps tomorrow. Yeah.

Right now I am feeling a little sick-headed--one of my son's damn friends lit up a cigarillo in my house. It stinks, it is disgusting, I am pissed off and they know better. I hate the smell of those things (and of cigarettes--smoke outside, that is fine with me but not in my house!), and the reason is exactly this--my eyes now burn, and my mood to write is compromised. GROWL. Shelby doesn't like it either. She is whining a blue-streak!

I want to color. I want a really cool coloring book with crisp white paper and fun things to color, and pretty pencils. I need a hobby, dammit! And too many things would hurt my hands. I can draw with LOTS of work put into it, but I don't want to do that. I just want to make pretty things. Pout. I guess coloring is cheating, huh.

End of post. I just can't write short can I?

(one more thing--Nick is going to wake me at 5 a.m. to watch Tonight's the Night. And yes, I am letting him, because I can't wait to see it either!)
If you would like to read my entries, just leave a comment here and I'll more than likely be happy to friend you back. Unless of course you are one of those Russian bots. [ profile] green_knight suggested I leave a few posts open to show whoever what I'm like, so I chose a few from my trip to Wales. Not that I have strangers popping by here wondering who [ profile] paragraphs is, but you never know. :)

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A revamped Jolly Ball!!!! I took the half-eaten tennis-ball one's rope, and the dented-but-still-fun-but-rope-was-dead Jolly Ball he loves, and created Happiness. Oh, yeah, that is my backyard sans snow. Ugly, I know. I had no idea the price I'd have to pay to own huskies. Paths all over the place and around the perimeter, like sheep trails. Sigh. And grass? What is that? I just have winter rye and whatever else will grow where it can. Damn huskies. (BUT THEY ARE WORTH IT!)

1. Play with Maddox. This is not an odd thing to list, as these last couple of weeks it has been near-impossible to throw the ball for him. He is so sad about this he has eaten his throw-ball. He'd already eaten his good ones. I need to order him a new one, but not spending money right now.

2. Read. I am reading The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham. This is all [ profile] misswinterhill's fault after our recent discussion re: atomic-era sci fi movies. I loved those things when I was a kid! She told me "that movie sucks but the book is awesome!" So, I had to get it. It was published originally in 1951, but so many things Wyndham explores are spot-on for today also. It's dated, and isn't.

I'm reading it on my beloved new itouch my sister bought for me. I love love love my little new toy! I know alot of people who scoff at ebook readers, they'd rather have the feel and smell of a real book, but reading books on my itouch is brilliant. Small, always-ready, can read in the dark, curled up and snuggled into blankets, and just a tap shuts it down. Open it next time and it goes right to where I left off. I am sold. SO much easier to deal with than either a Nook or a Kindle.

3. Begin my [ profile] dark_fest fic. The goal for this fic is between 5-10k. I have a rough idea what I want to do, but want to get it started this weekend.

4. Begin my [ profile] reel_torchwood fic. This one will be long and windy.

5. Clean house. Daughter is gone for the weekend. This is SWEET. I plan to dump her crap in her room, do the floors, dust and clean and just get this house back up to snuff.

6. Clean out my car. It needs it.

7. Attend the writer's group thing tomorrow at 1:00 at Border's on Hulen.

8. Figure out what the hell to work on for writer's group thing tomorrow (not fanfic there, nope).

Maybe the two should be switched?

My computer is running hot and I have no idea why. Going to shut it down for a bit. So weird!
I couldn't resist uploading the video of Shelby and Maddox playing in their first real snow. No sound, wasn't turned on, but they were very quiet as they had their fun. It was so peaceful! I hope they get another chance to play in snow soon--I often feel so rotten for living where they hardly get to experience their natural state (so to speak).