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August 2017

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This has been a strange writing year.  I wrote Tons and Tons the first couple of months, then hit a wall when I finally accepted my YA fantasy was not YA, but was in fact just one character who's storyline belonged with my old epic fantasy.  So the next two months were spent weaving those two stories together.  I finally accomplished that at end of May.  Damn hard work because first I had to rewrite Aneli's story (the YA-not-YA) back into third person.  INSANITY.  But I did it, and am extraordinarily, thoroughly, wildly pleased with the result.  

Then June happened - work on my house - my dad getting sick (he is doing great yay) - and work slaying me - and insert 20 more excuses - and I didn't get any writing done. July has been better but I am still way behind the goal I set for this year (like 145k behind) in the GYWO group I am involved in.  I figure about 60k of that will finish this draft of my current novel.  Seems about right.  The rest would go into a book I haven't even started plotting yet.  I may need to start playing with that soon - by October at the least.  

Anyway - I calculated what it would take to still hit 200k by December 31st.  179 days are left in the year, after today, so all I would have to do is write 810 words a day every day for the rest of the year.  There is, honestly, no reason why I can't do this.  So I am making a new challenge as of this very moment (and Camp Nano is a huge way to kick it off) of getting those 810 words a day.  I can do this. I want to, too.

Other goals for the rest of the year:

1.   Diet. 17 down, 16 to go.  That will put me, at 55, at a nice 172 lbs.  at 5'8". This has always been a good weight for me and my build.  The goal is for it to be gone by Sirens, which is the end of October. Totally doable.  CICO rules.  

2.   Exercise.  Kettlebells thrice weekly, treadmill thrice weekly, 6k regular steps a day thereabouts, no trauma if I don't hit that.  I have opted to be more relaxed on exercise as when I stopped stressing about it, I started to enjoy it more. Hmmm.  That also coincided with finally starting to lose, so go figure that.

3.   Reading.  My gosh I am behind on reading!  By now I should have TONS of the books on my Sirens booklist read but I don't!  I find it really difficult to make myself just Sit Down and Read Dammit. LOL.  So I am going to pick four from the list and work on reading those by the time Sirens comes around, including the GOH's books. 

4.   Budget.  I have a big bill to pay off (rest of the roof), a plane ticket to buy, property taxes to save up for, and I'm a bit nervous about being able to do all this. I can, if I stick to my budget hard-core. 

I cannot wait for Sirens.  It is like a shiny beacon in the future, calling to me.  I am sad though that one of my friends I made last year now can't come - she and her friend (one of the few guys in attendance) were a lot of fun, but her workload is just too much to take off. Pout. On the other hand, on Reddit I met two more Sirens attendees who I didn't get to know last year, so we're already making plans. This year I will know so many people!  I am ecstatic about this!  Attending that con fills me with possibilities, and hope, and not necessarily just hope about the writing future.  Hope in people, good people, women and men, diverse and intelligent and creative and determined.  I love that, need that.  It is already sold out but if anyone is out there reading this, there may be other slots opening up later. If not this year, how about next?  I'll be going for sure.  


Not much going on here - yes, am doing Nano but dang it, despite the fact I am currently not working, time seems to skitter away from me - spent the weekend helping my friend Cid move to her new place, and most of the rest of my free time was spent reading a school reading assignment, The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon.

This book has intrigued me for an unexpected reason - I finished reading part II this evening, but what has absolutely fascinated me, and caught my imagination, is how I can readily apply the dynamics of a revolution (colonized v. colonizer) to my current fantasy wip (the one that I haven't started yet, so probably isn't a wip quite yet). I have long planned to write Jax's world as an occupied one, but until this book (and this class, which focuses on culture and empire), I didn't have the meat so to speak that I needed to detail a believable scenario. I have it now. While reading part II especially, I found myself fictionalizing it in my mind, which of my characters would be doing what (and why, the all important WHY). I could see what roles my Oppressors should play (and WHY), and have found myself totally caught up in the possibilities for writing I am gleaning from this required reading.

Good times.

Been emailing my classmate Ethan all evening about it - study-group-via-email? - oh yeah, why not? He was going to drop out of this class, despite having a solid B and making an A on the midterm, as he was letting it get to him, how difficult it is (demanding more than difficult, really - the professor IS rather awesome), but I was so happy that he decided to stay in. There isn't much time left after all!

I've signed up for my next class, another special-topics history class. Should be a good one - European history, race, religion and politics, yo.

After that, I only have Algebra, a communications class, and to test out of the computer and English Comp II classes. Need to get my hands on a study guide of some sort for the computer competency test. Not sure when I will take those.

If I could just knock out the communications class this summer, I could conceivably graduate in December! *thunk*

And after that? My heart and brain and love of history tell me to keep going, dammit - Masters in History, oh yeah, at UTA. Double oh yeah. I have a weird vision of just going and going and going with this...I think it started when I read my professor's dissertation and I thought "oh good grief, I could do this." Um. Yeah. LOL!!! And how awesome it would be too. So we'll see...the future has lots of possibilities.

Son went to Austin tonight with friends to see Slayer. You bet I am freaked out and worried to death but trying to be chill and calm and all that. Oh man... *bites nails*

Daughter is at work, and is sad she can't afford to take any additional classes in the spring, even one. I am sad too, as I sincerely hate that I can't help her any. While I am very grateful to be on unemployment, I am horrificly distressed about it, too. If there was only something I could do at home that would bring in a guaranteed 2k a month... LOL. Yeah. I know.

Every day except today I've made myself get out of the house, go to Starbucks, and be around people. That has helped but I hate this feeling of "I am not worthy of enjoying this time off because I should not be unemployed." Okay enough of that. Those of you who have been there, know this all too well.

What else? Not much else. I hope to finish up this homework reading tomorrow morning so I can write my discussion questions and finally get back to work on writing. The rewrite is going slow, but I love all two scenes I've finished...

As for my book that is out there, I have no idea how it is doing. I don't want to know, as I did see some comments that make me groan (comparisons to the first book are many, and complaints the 2nd is not like the first - no, it isn't, because no book will ever be like that first book - I am no longer that person, THANK THE STARS).

And that is all for now. Hope all of you guys are doing well.
Thanks everyone who commented on my last post. I finally woke this morning not being boiling angry, but looking forward to the day.

Yesterday was fun! I accomplished two things. First and foremost, I changed out the door knob and deadbolt to my house. Had to--we could not get out! I managed to get the door off by removing the pins so I could shift the door enough to get a stiff knife between the latch, and push it back. Go me! It wasn't hard to replace the parts either.

I also managed to get my resume draft written and sent off to [ profile] tx_cronopio to hack and slash to bits. We met in REAL LIFE WHOA on Thursday at Riscky's BBQ to enjoy big bowls of awesome brisket stew, and beer. I treated myself to a frosty mug of Shiners. Nothing beats Shiner Bock. [ profile] durayan agrees with me on that one!

ALSO! I have heard back from my actual editor! She hopes to get to my ms fast. She'd better. I shall cry. Now that I have turned something in finally, I want an answer like yesterday. I feel too good about this ms...I am 99% positive they will take it. One never knows though, but I am hoping. FINGERS CROSSED AND TOES TOO.

ALSO TOO! Yesterday, I went to Arlington to visit my old university to see what condition I left my past in. Both good and bad...I left with 164 good credits, but in a whole messy slew of areas, and way too many F's. OMG I WAS SO BAD WTH! Fortunately, I am still in good academic standing. I was told over and over yesterday that 'returning students make the best students!' Pressure is on! No more F's for me! I must get all A's or I will disappoint all those people who insisted I will do awesome!

So, after finding out I am good to go when ready, and with a copy of my transcript at hand, I headed back home. Now I am making a spreadsheet to decipher what the heck I have finished and in what area, and what I need to get a degree. I have several routes I can take:

1. Finish out the Sociology major/Poli Sci minor,
2. Sign up for the Online Degree program in which I would get a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies (which is perfect for someone like me with a gazillion hours in too many things)
3. Stick with the Sociology major and take on getting a History minor, or
4. Go crazy and change my major to History, in which case all I'd need is a bunch of history classes and one math class.

With what I need for a major in Soc w/minor in Hist it is about as many hours as going all out with the History major.

Getting a history degree would, given what I think I ultimately want to do, be the most sensible, though not the fastest. Second most sensible for future plans would be the Soc/Hist major/minor.

I *could* just get the hell done any which way I can, and go straight to the Masters in Library Science, but the concern there to me is I want to do archiving, am pretty positive, and research and history knowledge is kinda really important. ARGH. Daughter suggested I do the fastest option, and take some history classes after I get the degree in a few areas just for the fun of it. Two of the classes she is taking this semester are like that--she doesn't need them to graduate, but she wants to take them as she feels like they will be good for her to do. So there is that option!


I have to say though, compared to Yesteryear, universities offer so many ways to finish one's degree that not doing so is just plain silly.

Decisions decisions, and I need to decide fast if I am going to pick up a class this spring like I really want to, though I don't have the money. At all. Hello being unemployed! I don't get my Esop money until February, and barely have enough in savings right now to get me to that the first week or so of Feb! ARGH. 'HEY DAD, CAN YOU LOAN ME FOUR HUNDRED BUCKS? PLEASE?' He will probably faint at my going back to school, considering he paid for it all out of his pocket. Meep. I was a bad bad daughter. :*(

In other news, I am going to do Merlin big bang. No I don't know why, I really don't. And I will probably end up dropping out and finishing the whole shebang as original fiction, because it will be AU anyway. But, I want something fun and light to play with while I tackle the Project For 2011, my fantasy, so why not?

Naptime now. Will finish going through credits later... LOL.


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