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August 2017

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I am so excited [ profile] duikermeisie and [ profile] used_songs and E (not on LJ) and I are going to have a biking and writing weekend in San Antonio the first weekend in February.  I LOVE having adventurous writerly friends!

Now to drag my bicycle, which is a very good one thank goodness, out of the garage, dust it off, make sure it is good to go.  I plan to take the Friday of the 5th off work so I can drive up early and find a lovely place to write the afternoon away until Helen arrives, then we'll bike adventure the next day, and then have writing time, then go home on Sunday.

This last week was well spent hammering out the last ten chapters (THE OUTLINE, NOT THE CHAPTERS) of my current novel.  I have to write them still, but this hammering-out the plot helps tremendously.   I have got to step up the production now and get this thing done!  Now that I have a map to guide me to the end, I am confident I can make it happen, stick with the Hodderscape synopsis (mostly--my character doesn't seem to want to be magical in any way, so I am letting her win on that), and it will be way too long in the end, but I'll address that problem later.  I estimate hitting 130 words, dammit. DAMMIT.  Way too long for YA, but perhaps because this is 'crossover' I can get by with 110,000.  I shall not worry about it!  Nay!

And now it is time to go to bed.  I'm doing 100 days of keto on reddit and can't wait to weigh in the morning.  Work tomorrow, but because of hte banks and court houses being closed, we should, SHOULD, have a relaxed day.  Better.

I had a good day, a good weekend, especially with my puppies.  I bought Shelby (the red) two new clouds. She loves them!  Maddox has no wish to lay on them.  He does, after all, have the couch.

EDITED FOR CLARIFICATION of what I hammered out. :)

Okay so I am really and truly enjoying this show.  I've tired of dark shows (looking at you Jessica Jones--though you were brilliant, I am just worn out by brutality) so after mainlining Eureka, where I would like to live thank you, I decided to finallly get going on this show that I've heard about for so many years.   Am well into season two now and it is really cool to see the variety of situations they come up with.  A time or two a few things have sparked ideas for my story, which is very unexpected.

Today's writing was a continuance of working on the rest of my plot.  It is weird that I can't quite see the ending yet, but I think I sort of kind of know how it is going to go.  I had to come up with something for the hodderscape synopsis -- it may work, but may not, not sure.  I just sure wish I was done with this first draft.  Even though I'm writing one way or the other almost every day, it is just creeping along so slowly.  How do you people write so fast, you who write fast?  My brain just doesn't work that way, though I am writing faster than I have been.  So I guess that is something?  Was hoping it would be done by end of January - end of February is probably more reasonable.  WIsh I could just take a week off, grab my dog and head out somewhere pretty and beautiful to work on it nonstop.  Ah well.  Gotta work. Sigh.

I think Maddox has the right idea.   Night folks.

I've felt drawn lately to return to LJ to ramble about things - I have become a Facebooker, yes (though honestly mostly a Redditor), but to actually put myself out there makes me not so comfortable.  So I post a lot of dog and food things as a result.   I've decided I need to just be here more often as it is a good place to at least sort of know who is reading my intimate ramblings.  So onward with the update, which is in list form, because I am tired and sleepy and want to go to bed now.

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Just five minutes ago I realized that so far during nano, I have basically written two chapters. That doesn't sound like much, and it isn't, but that has been a chapter a week, which was always my happy pace In Times Before.  I still have about 12,000 words total okay less now that I spent the afternoon choppiting at what I have because of changes to a character that needed to be fixed, and the need to weave in a journal of folk songs that will prove important later. And somehow now I have more like 9,000 words over 2.5 chapters.  A chapter a week is a good pace with me what with helping MIL, tending to stuff at home, and working.  I'd like to do more than that, sure, but 1100 or so words a day most days seems to be where my brain is geared. So I'm going with it.

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My daughter has a Ron Weasley sweater on it.  Big R (for our last name too - convenient!).  I want one!!!
Sitting in the back room aka my bedroom, wrapped up in blankies, Maddox on my bed and Shelby curled up on her Cloud. Maddox is confused as I haven't sat back here in ages and ages, having favored the living room where I could connect my laptop to the tv. But my HDMI cable broke yesterday and I decided that that was a sign - time to stop watching so much television, freeing my computer from its tether and putting it back to proper use. :)

Am slowly getting over a really mean cold, but despite being mean, it sure as heck hasn't been as bad as last year where I was sick for months. If it would just warm up! But whine more, Cee... We're not nearly as cold as almost everywhere else (and then there is Orlando, where my daughter lives - she Instagrammed (is that a word?) a picture of herself outside in a cute little sleeveless coral dress... LOL. Brat).

Been working on the sci fi again! Was going great guns before Christmas then realized that there wasn't enough story to do anything with. At only 41k, it was pretty useless in length. And, the end of the first 41k was a perfect launching point for a second decided okay let's just make it one happy story and go from there.

I also realized that with limited third, I was cheating myself and maybe-future-readers-I-hope out of a very interesting pov, that of my alien girl, Breille. I LOVE HER SO MUCH. LOL. Part III of this in-one-book trilogy would be best in her POV so I have decided to let her have some stage time.

I also ran across some fascinating, fascinating information regarding the horrors of military use of children, which is a driving force in the background of the first part but a huge part of the 2nd and 3rd. My MC's mission turns from saving her bestie and crew and passengers in the first part to tracking down a stolen child in the second, to helping my new-pov-mc's quest in the third. There is a LOT of new things to figure out but lately have been getting a lot of interesting support, or maybe... I don't know... affirmation?

I CAN DO THIS. And have been meeting some truly terrific women and men who are helping me believe in science fiction again (and the genre itself).

So, look at me rambling on but I am this. I've got work to do! And I am determined to stay focus (those who know me well know I am HORRIBLE about focus...

Focus focus focus focus focus focus focus FOCUS FOCUS FOOOOCCCUUUUSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FOCUS CEE!!!!!!!

I need that plastered RIGHT in front of my face. LOL.

Have a couple other things brewing that I am keeping under my hat for now as one thing I am going to do with a very old story is a little bit on the crazy side so I want to see what happens before reporting anything. Or not. LOL.

Also been reading a fascinating trilogy set in Rome about Cleopatra's daughter. Once I'm done with the third installment I have another book set in Rome to read (*waves to Madwriter*) and am excited about that. Yes yes yes. Just love that rough time period so much! Maybe have to do something along that line eventually. Yes yes yes.

Cheese toast is ready! Later, peeps and hopefully next time will be able to report progress on the sci fi.