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How is it that I have been working on this manuscript since last July, and I just now realized that two characters are fully primed to have deeper roles than I ever planned for them to have? And that by finally realizing this, that I have the overall plot arc thing I was thinking didn't exist for the third book?

Why now, C? Why now, brain?  It was there ALL ALONG.  ALL. ALONG. BRAIN!

How this came about was I have misplaced my purple Moleskin that has all my early plotty and character notes in it.  It HAS to be in the house somewhere - but I don't know where.  So, frustrated, I decided okay fine, can't find it, and I need to hammer out these last chapters in idea form, so I will just sit here and go back through all the stuff I did at the first and rewrite it down, because that helps my brain remember things, and so that's what I did last night and at lunch today.  And that is when it all exploded in my brain, at lunch.  Wow. WOW.   My confidence in this story continues to rise, expand, and grow. My focus continues to improve, too.  I wonder if it is the MCT oil...   I believe. I BELIEVE.

WRITING IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've felt drawn lately to return to LJ to ramble about things - I have become a Facebooker, yes (though honestly mostly a Redditor), but to actually put myself out there makes me not so comfortable.  So I post a lot of dog and food things as a result.   I've decided I need to just be here more often as it is a good place to at least sort of know who is reading my intimate ramblings.  So onward with the update, which is in list form, because I am tired and sleepy and want to go to bed now.

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I have no idea why the banner isn't working for me.  BUT ANYWAY.  I committed to 200k for 2015.  Pretty daring considering the last 4 years I haven't even written 100k.  But I am moving along with this story, I have real, firm goals, and know what I want.  And I miss community, I miss people, and I really am looking forward to that.  Oh look, the banner mysteriously decided to start working.

6:25 at the end of a holiday weekend and I finally perk up. Also! My new desk setup is all set up. What I need now is plants. More plants. BIG PLANTS.

Where does one find plants, cheap? Do cheap plants exist? I used to know someone who worked at a plant store and she told me when they would throw out old plants... But that place is now a golf store. Dammit!

Is there an online cheap place to order big house plants...

Okay let me take a picture of the latest version of Carolyn Creates a Place to Write Seriously This Winter.

The only problem with the desk is the edge under the pullout drawer- in shorts I have already scraped my leg. Hmmm.

desk are

And the other direction... Still need another chair for my little table. But they cost $179 apiece so they have to wait.


Look all nice and everything but the carpet needs to go, really badly, and the walls need repainting. Sigh. It is always something!!!

Been watching Mad Men. Nick dragged me into it by watching it while on vacation, so I got hooked despite myself. Am trying to watch it slowly - only one or two episodes at a time - to savor it. I think I actually already said this in a post, didn't I? I am sure I did!!!

Just ready to get started on my Nano novel, NOW.

Thanks to all of you who stop by... I seem to be mostly talking to myself but I guess that is the best use of LJ anyway, right?

Today my mom would've been 78. Or maybe 79, geesh - my dad is almost 81, at the end of the month. Lost mom so long ago... and before she even died (strokes, I hate them so). I miss her all the time, miss having her to call and talk to and share stuff with and just be a kid to. My dad is always there of course but there's nothing like a mom. Miss you so much, Mom. So not fair we lost you so young.
Yes, just deleted a lot of nonsense. Tomorrow is another day, after all.

So, Nanowrimo! Who on here is doing it? I know a ton of my flisters are writing for various comm events and such, but if any of you out there are doing Nano in November in addition to or instead of and want to friend me over there I am once again Tatteredleaf.

Fifteen days to go until my book is out. EEEK. I am both excited and terribly, terribly nervous. There are things I did in the book that I probably should not have (a certain explosion comes to mind) and I could've done other parts different, and possibly therefore better, but... No no, don't think about that, it'll drive a person crazy.

I have absolutely forbidden myself to look on GoodReads, so if anyone sees me trying to sneak over there, smack me. I know it is in my best interest to just stay away from general commenting re: the book. Oh hey, it is a new month, I shall dash off... okay never mind. It is still under the Coming Soon. No blurb yet! *panic* I want to see what it ends up being. Argh. Not yet though.

And that is all, for now. Holler if you are on Nanowrimo, yo. I got 53k last year and hope to get that again, though being in school may cause a bit of a challenge.

Icon Meme!!!!

Sep. 21st, 2011 08:26 pm
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1. Reply to this post with "AND WE MEET AGAIN," and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon glee.

Okay so I usually don't do this sort of thing, but heck why not. [ profile] valancy_joy chose five of my little fellers and am happy to share the why behind all these. :)
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Also, I simply have to share this wonderful website with all you writerly types. When I was going through my edits on LWH with my editor, it became bitterly clear that I needed desperately to expand my repertoire when it comes to depicting emotions through physical gesture. Happily, a friend on my carolyn_gray twitter was havign the same issues, and asked for help. Another wonderful person shared this:

Go check it out, and you will say OH! WOW! like I did. Fabulous site. No more 'you have 156 head nods, Carolyn' for me!

And that is all, folks!
Specifically, on writing m/m stories which, if there as any doubt at all, Long Way Home is.

I am sitting in the library at UTA, waiting for class. I have about 45 minutes, and though being a student again at my old university deserves a post as I have tons of thinky thoughts about life as a returned student, I'll stick to this topic.
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And... I have finished my edits! OH MY STARS! I was absolutely put through the ringer on this book and rightfully so. I should be grateful for my crazy comic-sans editor as she truly loves my writing and was/is awesomely patient with this baaaad author. So many years not writing really took a toll on my skills but this story got me back up and running again. The first half is chock-full of fixes, corrections, suggestions, and me rewriting chunks of it this week, where the back, most recent half is much smoother. Writing the big bang was a wonderful task as I was on the writing roll at last but this poor fic, man. THree years to write a 120k story? I don't recommend it. AT ALL.

But it is all done, and turned in, and it is coming out October 18th, and I cannot wait.


Unfortunately, lol, I have to start doing homework tonight so I've had only ten minutes to celebrate freedom.

But really I am not complaining. I am super excited about my new class--my first in twenty-five years. Yes I know some of you on my flist were barely toddlers (or pea-size even) so yeah, it was a long time ago. First class went really well and I came out of there excited and energized, my mind whirling with excitement over what we would be doing.

Working on the big bang and then my book edits completely took over the last few weeks, but I have every intention of making a nice chunky post about my trip to see Nick. I have some lovely pictures to share, after all!

All in all, am pretty darn happy these days, except for that not living with Nick thing. Still no permanent job, but oddly enough I got a rather intriguing job lead leaving the elevator yesterday, and walking to the parking garage, with the head of HR of an oil and gas fracking company. She wants my resume, and she's going to get it, and we'll see what I think. If I get an offer, I definitely will toss the fact of its existence toward the unnamed law firm, as I am super-comfy there, love the people, they adore me (beams), and I would be thrilled to plant myself there permanently. The situation looks more possible as the person I am filling in for, though finished with her radiation treatment, is now going on long-term disability. I want to stay here at the unnamed law firm, really do, but I can't wait forever either--my first tier of unemployment will be running out soon and, you know, it would be nice to have insurance again. Yeah.

All for now! I'm going to get comfy and watch some shows and write my syllabus down into one of my notebooks I got today. I tweeted the picture but here it is for those not on twitter, which seems to be my hang-out of choice these days.

Omg I did it, this is what I am taking:

HIST 4388-004 - Culture and Empire
Fall 2011
This course will examine the cultural reverberations involved in the expansion of Western nations’ empires from the age of high imperialism (1880-1914) through decolonization (1945-1960s). Travel writing, fiction, film, art, religion, education, colonial exhibitions, music, and sport will be examined in various contexts in order to illuminate the complexities involved in representations of colonies and colonial peoples’ responses to hegemony. By coming to grips with the power dynamics at play in colonial and postcolonial relationships students will be able to formulate and articulate their own opinions about the interrelationship between culture and empire and how it has evolved as the global order has shifted from one based on formal colonies to informal domination.

The prof is quite nicely rated on And, apparently, gives hard but fair tests. I am fine with that, especially as this is my only class. I am super excited though I am sure getting home at 9 twice a week will be tiring (sorry puppies!). But, being SO CLOSE to graduating, I am just crazy excited!

WRITING is going fabulously. Having a blast just waiting and waiting to hear back from my editor... LOL! And to stay sane, am plugging away on my Merlin Big Bang.

Am also working on a new idea, enrolled in the Lou Anders workshop for FenCon end of September, and don't want to take anything I've been working on forever. The amazing comm [ profile] abandonedplaces has long toyed with my brain, saying USE ME FOR SOMETHING! and I finally am figuring out what I can do with all the inspiration there. Oh, and there might be zombies in there. I blame my friends Cid and Suzan for that.

I need to write today! A scene a day to get this thing done by the 27th, oh yeah. And squee, I've seen a preview from my artist and just LOVE her work to bits! It is absolutely perfect for my story.

ALSO [ profile] amphigoury I blame you for making me download this amazing song from itunes just now:

I just hit SEND!

Now to hopefully not have to do further edits on the beast. LOL. More details later as I get them but man, this story put me through the ringer. I needed that though. Really did.

AND YAY new LJ header! No more so-called healing light. Poppies are PRETTY! PINK RULES!

Love to all! And tomorrow, I'm diving into my Merlin big bang and having some FUN! Woot!

LindaLee--this is an occasion I wish I had your Kermit user pic. LOL. :)
Tomorrow finishes up my initial two weeks at the law firm, filling in for someone who is dealing with cancer. I'll be back there to jump in when she starts radiation, unless I find something ahead of time. I love the law firm, but omg that is the most boring desk EVER.

I am continually caught up, despite having three lawyers to 'care' for. I really like one of them especially--I would work for him full-time! He cracks me up, a little gnome of a man who was in law school when I was in elementary school. He is funny and has expressed impatience with his current legal secretary's inability to handle Word (they use Wordperfect and Word there, but the older secretaries favor Wordperfect which is more along the lines of Word 2003). I've fixed a few things for him because I do know Word well, and he is ecstatic--tomorrow, he will write a personal letter and, whee, I will print it out on small stationery, and print off envelopes. LOL. Such excitement! The other two attorneys--one is in securities and such, and is very easy to deal with, and the third, an associate, does all his own work.

That is, I can see, the wave of the future...I think the days of new attorneys dictating everything rather than writing it all out themselves is near-over. Legal secretaries do other things now, but at this desk? Not enough. OMG yawn. LOL.

Unless I find another job in the meantime, in four weeks when she begins radiation, I will go back and fill in again. It'll be unpredictable though--depends on how she handles the radiation. :*(

But! Happily thanks to the quiet this week, I had printed my ms out at home and brought parts of it up every day, and over the last four days during the minutes/hours I had nothing (eek!) to do, I worked on it. Finished up the last of the first pass tonight! YAY!

Gameplan--Saturday, get up, get ready and head for Panera, which is bright and roomy and has fooods, and big tables. It is the go-to place for TCU students to study, but they are out now so there should be no problem in finding a good spot.

Not much else going on. Kid graduated last weekend, did family stuff all weekend. Worked on ms, brushed the dogs a lot (coat blowing season). Once this ms is turned in, I'll be attacking my big bang project full-on, and cannot WAIT to just have some fun with writing first draft stuff again.

I also need to get back into the swing of the fantasy, and wrap up the planning stages. I just want to get started writing the damn thing, you know? I would like to have a good start before school starts in the fall. ARGH.

And that is all I know for now.
Such a nice weekend here in North Texas--beautiful and sunny though the temps were colder, which I appreciated actually. I am not ready for winter to end here, thanks. Plus I got to spend lots of time with Nick. :) I always love that!

Okay so what did I accomplish this last week. Let me think...

C is terribly lj cut challenged )
I keep changing my 'I'll be done by...' date.

Current status: 97,332 words (had gone up to 98ksomething, but latter chapter had lotsa problems and had to be rewritten--tighter, sharper. Better.)

I have twenty-one chapters, and about to reread Chapter Ten's rewrite of a few days ago. It hopefully is good to go, and I can move on. End of Chapter Ten hits 41,762 words. I am just about to where I had left off after the initial mad writing with the GYWO group. Most of this part up to now was written in word wars which, while getting lotsa words down fast, is really actually pretty useless. Fast writing is crap writing, at least for me. I've had to do TONS of work on this story up to this point--tons and tons. From this point on, it was Nano writing: slower, more thoughtful, not rushing to get word count in, but writing-with-a-plan.

That worked for me oh so very much better. So much better.

While I don't at all disagree with 'just get the first draft down, dammit' is important, for me, the rush to just get anything down simply does not work. For the Nano-writing, I went back to how I wrote Red--scene by scene, with rewrites of the previous scene until satisfied, then moving on. It would take me all weekend to get 5-6 k, but when I moved on I was happy with what I had (knowing there would be another pass, later--two passes, as there will be one more final go-through).

Now I am hoping this puppy will be out of here by the end of the month. This past week was not the best (ugh, work, shakes fist) but am hopefully going to find this coming week better. Well, after I finish my $@#% review tomorrow.

Anyway...making progress, just slower than I expected. I'm starting to get my pseudonym's personae revived...not that she breathed much in the past. The epub world has changed SO very much since I sold Red to Loose-Id, so when (she said with conviction!) this book comes out, it'll be a very different process for me. Definitely different attitude! I've decided to center most of my pseudo-action around Goodreads...they have a fantastic m/m group on there already, and they recently chose Red as the book-read-of-the-month. They've got a very active group and I've been lurking. I've also got the pseudonym's website up and running, but still have lots of work to do on it.

I just want to get this done! I've got ideas how to save the other story (has 68k written on it so this is good!), and am itching, BAD, to get started on the new one. Really itchy-bad.

In other news...I'm bouncing all over, supporting Nick as he starts to plan for his move to Plymouth, UK. Trading in my German for a Brit! :) It is so, so darn exciting! I wish I could help him more than I can from so far away. Sigh. If all goes well I will be there in July. Gosh I hope so.

Better get cracking, I suppose! Need to switch laundry around, Son is cleaning upstairs, daughter is still fast asleep. Lazy girl. We may get the tree up around Tuesday. We don't like getting it up too early...and tree prices go down closer to Christmas. :) I'm sure we will have another TCU Christmas tree. Purple and silver. Pretty!

Any others out there not have their Christmas tree up yet? Nick's family puts theirs up the night before Christmas, which I love. Always has the cutest trees. We always seem to put ours up just days before.
Take that, Nanostats, and your 'at this rate you will finish Dec. 5'!


That is all.
So, this has been an interesting week. Seven days ago, I finally gave in to my doctor's suggestion and said okay, dammit, I'll try it, I'll try your damn Wellbutrin. I've had 8 doses now and I have to admit, every day has been better than the previous. Tuesday was brilliant followed by a not-so-brilliant Wednesday, but yesterday and today were good. My mind is calming, I'm able to find and keep (at least for a little) that inner peace that has been so damn elusive in my mind. I'm getting things done as a result, and man, that is a huge relief. I really hate being miserable.

I've long struggled with focus, long found it next-to-impossible to actually just sit, by myself, at my computer and relax, keep the evil thoughts at bay, and sink myself into writing. Oddly, I have no problem when it comes to work. Just my own writing (which is very sad isn't it?) I've tried everything short of drugs--heck my boyfriend is a psychologist, he has taught me tons of techniques to help (and they have indeed helped) but man, sometimes it is impossible to keep the edgy, teary-eyed, over-reactive, depressed and blue fractured constantly-on-the-verge-of-tears thoughts at bay by sheer force and will. Sucks, really sucks. Sigh. So I gave in, got the damned drugs, and am hoping that things continue to get better. I hope so, I hope so.

Nano is this month as all know and despite a few days of crises (that led up to calling the doc) I am doing very very well with Nano, for the first time ever. I'm hitting the halfway mark today, which thrills me to pieces. Yeah yeah I am way behind but I am doing Nano not to write a 50k book from word 1 to word 50,000, but to finish this ms that I started two years ago--two freaking years ago. Right now I am around 62k, with a goal of 80k. I have about 6-7 scenes to go until it is done. I rewrite as I go, but it will need a clean-up rewrite, and I also need to make sure all my characterizations are in-line (especially after stringing the characters along for two freaking years).

I love the optimism I feel right now, this second, this peace that comes with knowing I can do this. AM doing this. Given this will be the first manuscript I've completed in almost FIVE years? Yeah. This is big. I'm going to be able to turn this puppy in sometime in December, which leaves me ecstatic beyond words. Hopefully will make my editor ecstatic, too... It better! More like she will probably faint.

Next ms for Loose-Id, my goal is to write it, start to finish, in three months. I know I can do this if my stupid mind lets me and I don't succumb to the mess that my brain has been for so long.

After that, the rest of 2011 will be devoted to the fantasy.

Other things--I've now watched all the episodes of Supernatural, and while I am glad I waited until now to do this, it is kinda sad I didn't enjoy the show all these years. Oh well! I have now, and I especially love Dean. By rights I should be really annoyed with him--he is an awful lot like alot of guys I've known and heck, he's a Texas boy to boot, so...yeah. But, really have enjoyed watching the show lots, sharing the fun with Nick and with Blue aka [ profile] blue_fjords. Dean's characteristics have kinda snuck into my current ms, the Lee character...LOL. I can't see this as a bad thing, except the rewrite will be more complicated as a result. Darn you Dean Winchester! Why are you so perfect???

I am baking bread tomorrow! I'm using a recipe of [ profile] spiderine's that involves beer and two kinds of flour and lots of dough-smacking. Should be fun. I am not budging from the house the rest of the weekend, and am excited about making bread. LOL!

YULETIDE--yes, I changed mine at the last minute, I did. I like looking at the last minute to see what needs offers, and try to pick those I believe would be great fun. I also added a request--Day of the Triffids! I must remember to tell [ profile] misswinterhill as she is the person who convinced me to read the book. I love post-apocalyptic novels for some reason, and this one is just fantastic. The movie was dorky. I think they are remaking it, actually. WAIT! THE BBC DID A TWO PART MINI-SERIES in 2009!!! I must find it!!!!!


LOL okay we talked a long time. Man that was nice, usually he goes to sleep well, well before 8 p.m. my time. We both miss (terribly!) the days he could stay up into the wee hours and get up late, making our up-times match more closely (oh the fun of long-distance partnerships, huh) but...real life and jobs have put an end to that. Funny thing though is now I am not used to him staying up so late so I had to fuss at him to GO TO BED so I could write. :) Sorry baby...LOL!!

What else? Daughter's interview for Teach for America is in a couple of weeks--things look very good for her to get a position. Where though? We don't know--Somewhere, USA. My sister and I vote for Nashville (cuz my sister is there, yeah?).

No other plans for the weekend--just play with my puppies, talk with Nick, write, bake bread, write more, laundry, write, write, write. And write some more.

And, most importantly, stay happy. That'd sure be nice.
SO. After chopping a gazilliony billionty words from my current ms, I have 84 pages of good solid clean fic, 175 more to go. Starting tonight (correction, tomorrow night lol), I have set myself the task of reworking 5 pages a day or else. In 35 days, it will be DONE if I keep up with this plan. I've given [ profile] blue_fjords free reign to smack me sideways and to the moon and back if I fail to report my nightly pages done. :)

I still have to write retconbookwrite, but I have a great idea! I am just not sure I can pull it off as I am not really that good at writing other peoples' characters. It throws me. And I hate writing short fiction. And...yeah. Last thing I'll be signing up for, without doubt. It is best if I stick to original fiction. lol.

This was a busy weekend! Friday night was spent running around doing stuff and cleaning, Saturday I got to spend the afternoon and evening with my friend [ profile] talekyn as he is in town for business for a few days. We've settled on Tuesday night for dinner again and that will be awesome--I adore Anthony! We talk writing, books, about life and adventures and all sorts of things. Mostly about writing and how we both WILL make 2011 the Year of the Book. He has a marvelous story near completion, I have a fantasy to hammer out and write, and neither of us has any excuse for not getting things done. I mean, really. We will see each other again September 2011 and it would be very embarrassing if by then we were no further along than we are now with these particular stories. I mean, really! RIGHT ANTHONY?????

So, the gameplan: finish this rewrite over the next 35 days, well before the end of October, and get it turned in. My editor is expecting it, and is being very supportive about it, so I must not fail her. Nano will be devoted to finishing ballet boy, and I'll get IT sent in by the end of the year. Next Loose-Id book...I have no idea what I will do, but ya know what? I've given my editor two third-person books in a row, and by golly next one is gonna be in first person, so THERE. But that is later, like next summer's project.

2011 will be free and clear and wide-open for the fantasy. I just have to decide exactly what to write. I've gone from having no idea what I could possibly write to having 3 things I would enjoy, all for different reasons. Technically, all three could work in the same world, IF I move my 10-years-in-my-head-world over to a slightly more modern, technological setting.

I am extremely tempted by the thought of changing my old medievaly setting to a neo-Victorian. Steampunk somewhat. I kinda have a meh-yeah! attitude toward steampunk...mostly it is frustration with what books I've picked up thus far. Not a single one has satisfied me, been what I want a steampunk novel to be. Then again, I admit it is possible the problem is I keep looking for a book that's not written yet but will be soon as [ profile] theemdash and [ profile] momebie get cracking on it. Ever since I read about their characters for their ms, and their plans for it, I have been wanting to find something similar and really, I haven't. Therefore I conclude nothing will suit but having their story in my hands, and of course writing my own story and making it how *I* want a steampunk world to be. Being late to the game as ever, I now have a Delicious account, and have been stashing all kinds of links and such in there.

HOW did I live without Delicious before now? Seriously! I hate my air-headedness sometimes, and how I often must be bashed over the head before I see brilliance in something!

Should I number these paragraphs?

Anyway. Gonna ramble on more about that subgenre later. Tomorrow is going to be exciting at work! NEW COMPUTERS! Even though mine is just a year old (if that) I'm getting a new one. All the programs we use for GIS and BNSF's programs and what-not take powerful computers and the powers-that-be apparently decided that we needed better. Plus, BNSF has FINALLY upgraded from old school IE and we can too at last (though I have been using Firefox for the non-BNSF stuff for months now). Windows 7, which I've played a little with, and a screaming new machine...hopefully this will be awesome.

One last interesting thing--my recent flist cleaning freaked out some people, pissed a few off, but also helped me reconnect to some old friends who I hadn't talked to in awhile. It is really nice to have a shiny pretty smaller flist to deal with on lj, and the DWers tracked so I don't miss their posts. I likes it. And LOVE hearing from those people again. :)

Today's event was my daughter's ring ceremony at TCU. It was outside(!) and hot, but awesome to see her get her school ring. When she graduates, she'll turn it around the other way so the emblem faces out. It is lovely. She's done this all herself, putting herself through school and earning all those grants and scholarships (about 90k worth, more really) and I am enormously proud of all she has accomplished. I was happy to be there, even if like everyone else, I was melting. LOL. Oh Texas, where is FALL????

Nite kids!
From 250k to 212k down to 135.5k, I've managed to whittle this manuscript down to a much more manageable, and much stronger story. Not through with rewriting all the scenes yet (SO MUCH MORE TO GO!) but I am so happy with what I've accomplished this weekend. Seriously chuffed, honestly.

Never, Ever, EVER AGAIN will I write something and let it get so long, let the story get so out of hand! Ever! (I can try not to at least, right?)

Emailed with editor today. All is well there. I may have this baby turned in by the end of September after all. She was happy to get in touch with me, so I am happy about that. YAY!!!

And then it is on to my fantasy at last! WOOT! Actually, prepping it for Nano first--yeah yeah I've got parts of this thing written, but then is highly probable I will pull it back to earlier, as the editor at Armadillocon suggested I do. Too tired to do so tonight but I will try and write about that experience tomorrow. I'm not going to pressure myself to get 50k during November--25k is my goal, which with my work schedule is reasonable.

One other note before I collapse happily into bed, this is a thought-provoking article by Sherwood Smith [ profile] sartorias about that amazing writing phenomena she calls 'writing the white fire novel.' This really zinged home to me as I've experienced it myself once, and it was an amazing thing to experience (and lasted for the entire book), as well as amazingly-difficult to accept not all stories will be white fire novels. How I wish! This article was very good for me to read as I finish up a project that definitely was NOT a white fire novel (but I tamed it anyway!), and start a new one that I have this underlying sense will bring that experience to me again. There's a momentum started, writing is back on top with me as being my #1 thing I do outside of work and spend time with my family (Nick, dogs, kids lol and yes, in that order...I love having older kids!).

Here's the link if you'd like to read it:

Okay, to bed! Getting up will be hard tomorrow. Ugh. Gotta take my walking stuff with me as I am determined to start walking that track again tomorrow, right after work. Sitting around writing most of the weekend, and then sitting around staring at monitors all week at work has started to really get to me. I feel fluffy and crickety, even though I haven't gained anything. I hate it!
Bored? Wanna read something and tell me if it sucks? Now is your chance.

Go here and be merciless: Chapter One