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August 2017

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I am so excited [ profile] duikermeisie and [ profile] used_songs and E (not on LJ) and I are going to have a biking and writing weekend in San Antonio the first weekend in February.  I LOVE having adventurous writerly friends!

Now to drag my bicycle, which is a very good one thank goodness, out of the garage, dust it off, make sure it is good to go.  I plan to take the Friday of the 5th off work so I can drive up early and find a lovely place to write the afternoon away until Helen arrives, then we'll bike adventure the next day, and then have writing time, then go home on Sunday.

This last week was well spent hammering out the last ten chapters (THE OUTLINE, NOT THE CHAPTERS) of my current novel.  I have to write them still, but this hammering-out the plot helps tremendously.   I have got to step up the production now and get this thing done!  Now that I have a map to guide me to the end, I am confident I can make it happen, stick with the Hodderscape synopsis (mostly--my character doesn't seem to want to be magical in any way, so I am letting her win on that), and it will be way too long in the end, but I'll address that problem later.  I estimate hitting 130 words, dammit. DAMMIT.  Way too long for YA, but perhaps because this is 'crossover' I can get by with 110,000.  I shall not worry about it!  Nay!

And now it is time to go to bed.  I'm doing 100 days of keto on reddit and can't wait to weigh in the morning.  Work tomorrow, but because of hte banks and court houses being closed, we should, SHOULD, have a relaxed day.  Better.

I had a good day, a good weekend, especially with my puppies.  I bought Shelby (the red) two new clouds. She loves them!  Maddox has no wish to lay on them.  He does, after all, have the couch.

EDITED FOR CLARIFICATION of what I hammered out. :)

Every evening when I get home I am greeted by those things in my user pic up there. OH THE GUILT! I feel SO horrid and mean for leaving them from basically 8 a.m. until I get home which is around 6:30, and sometimes later. It never fails though, early or late, when I get home I am met with happy woos and wiggles and lots of licking and wags. And of course I make a HUGE fuss over my beasties - they have been so very good, dealing with this new situation of ours since my son (their Lord and Master lol) moved out. They miss him, *I* miss him, mostly because now I have to go straight home as that is a heck of a long day to be stuck in the house.

But I think I am letting guilt, and the dogs, have too much control over me. As soon as they are let outside, back inside, fed and scritched, it is cuddle time... which means in the evenings, what am I doing? This:


Is it any wonder I am not getting a thing done in the evenings?? I plan to behave tonight though. I will work on my ms from 7:30 - 9:00 and then from 9:00 to 10:00 cuddle the dog. That seems fair, doesn't it? (Cuddle Maddox, that is - Shelby is an on-the-floor-girl which given she is around 65 pounds, this is good. I make darn sure she gets plenty of scritches every night and morning and on weekends - I just have to go down to her level. She is the Queen, after all!).


Just downloaded my crit buddy's new draft - am so excited to get started hacking and slashing and writing wicked red comments... bwa ha ha ha ha! No, seriously, this is an awesome story and I am VERY PROUD of you, [ profile] jealousofstars for not letting Evil Things sway you from getting this story out. It will do AWESOME.

Okay best log off this here thing - must run to the post office for the boss. Dang it, I am just so weird these days - I absolutely love being here every day, doing this work. The only thing that could make it better is if I could have my dogs at my feet all day. Wouldn't that be the best?!


Shelby thinks so!
I keep meaning to take the time to post, but the last week has been a bit crazy. Last Saturday, the daughter and I finished packing up the car and headed for Florida by way of Mobile, AL. I drove the entire way - I would rather drive and be occupied with that than just sitting there for hours and hours... And Tiff was able to chat at her friends and play Draw Something and such, keep the tears at bay. The closer we got to Orlando though (esp after Mobile, where we stayed at a La Quinta) the more excited she got.

We finally arrived at my friend Karen's house late Sunday. YAY! It was fabulous to see Karen and her husband Moghis again and I am completely in love with their house. What I am pissed about though is myself - over the last years, Karen has gone through an unbelievable amount of medical problems. :( She's doing well now though thank goodness, but then again... not as well as she should be. I am incredibly grateful for my health. I am rocking the health actually, and I can be better. And will be.

So, left the kiddo Tuesday night and flew back in the midst of Very Evil Storms but got home, and got through the week (I swear, my boss is so nice...I think he understood in his quirky way that I was all kinds of sadface this week as he was just so nice). And now it is Friday, and tomorrow is Saturday, and my plans for the weekend will be to get started on fixing up this house!

Over the next couple of months I have a lot of work to do. Got to move a bunch of stuff up to Tiff's room (and send her things she forgot, oops), and my son Kelly and I are going to rearrange the living room and dining area which is now a sitting/writing/reading area. Or will be! I am excited about that!

That's about it. Got tested yesterday for gout (oh, big toe!) but in the good news, am off my brain meds (hopefully forever, doc is actually very supportive of that with a 'but, if you need them...') and he also cut my blood pressure meds. My bp was way low yesterday, so he took the diuretic out. We'll see how that goes.

Other stuff is going on, but that's enough for tonight. Am reading a quirky mystery right now, THE ALTO WORE TWEED by Mark Schweizer. It kinda makes me think of The Vicar of Dibley BBC television series in its small town setting, a church (Episcopalian in this case) and those who move in and out of it is the center of the story, quirky unusual characters, and a very likeable XXL-wearing cop/church organist as the MC. It is a self-published book and series, a few errors and typos and punctuation mistakes, but the story is so much fun and engaging I am ripping through it. (Ok 'ripping through it' for me is I'm reading it fairly fast, probably a few more days before I am done).

What else? One scene to go on ms before I am done...and then, I am REALLY done. At least for awhile.

Watching FALLING SKIES and enjoying it.

Finally got Instagram. Trying to refrain from taking lots of pics of the dogs.

And now I am just typing stuff for the sake of typing.

I couldn't resist uploading the video of Shelby and Maddox playing in their first real snow. No sound, wasn't turned on, but they were very quiet as they had their fun. It was so peaceful! I hope they get another chance to play in snow soon--I often feel so rotten for living where they hardly get to experience their natural state (so to speak).