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And, I've been doing writerly things, and a lot of work things, and there has been ice, and I must go be a zombie now (truth!) but really, I really really want to write a real post.


Was iced in the house for several days. SO much fun. LOVED IT.

So did my dogs. :)





and lastly, the little Prince

So once again a month has passed without my writing a post, even though I have thought about doing so dozens of times. I am not sure where this reluctance to share my life seeps from...but it is there, and real, and I have become so selfish about my personal experiences, wanting to keep all of it to myself that even when I start to share I stop and think nah, no reason to share all that. Still, I do love jotting things down, as it gives me a kick now and then to look at the early months of this lj or my old lj I shared with Nick (twisting_path) and well, just reminiscing about all the fun in the past.

The last month has been full of wondrous and amazing events, as well as some sad and frustrating ones. The good - sharing an experience with someone special we'd both been looking forward to for years and years... Done now! And I am so glad to have been a part of that. Meant so much. The bad - watching some friendships explode and disintegrate (my old crit group), though in the end, I believe where the cards have fallen is a good thing. I adore my Team Awesome, and believe we're all in a good place now. I certainly feel a lot less EEEK now, and have lost the feeling I'd had of not belonging. Friendships lost, but friendships strengthened, and I am glad of that.

So cryptic, Cee!

Not much else going on - my daughter and son are doing well, about to start into school again - Tiff called me today and we talked a good half hour during my lunch about how happy she is now in Orlando. She loves what she is studying, she loves her new Starbucks she has moved to, she loves her roomies (in a house and there is a dog, a darling Golden I got to meet last month), and life is just so HAPPY for her. She likes Orlando now that she is settled there, and knowing she can fly home cheaply and easily helps. Thank goodness for cheapo airfare to Orlando!

Work is going very well - I love working for my boss, love my little firm, I feel in control and settled and I just buzz happily away all day, every day. There is a lot of stress but for some reason I am handling it better than I did. Living alone is kinda weird but kinda nice too... I get home from work, feed the dogs, play with the dogs, cuddle the dogs. Maddox has become like glue on me during the evenings. I spend a lot of time with him curled up with me. Weekends are relaxing - I try to meet Suz at least once a week on weekends to write, and oh I have my Gingerman writing group - we meet Monday nights at The Gingerman, a cute little bar near my work. Am getting to know that crew better and better and just really adore them all. Plus, it is a huggy group. I like hugs. :)

I need to get a dog door put in but this will also entail a massive overhaul of the fence (i.e., electrifying it!) because Maddox is an escape artist and we very nearly lost him a few weeks ago while I was gone, but my neighbor saved him. Whew! He pulls planks off and wiggles through. So frustrating that I can't trust him in his own backyard. :(

Writing...have to say I was and am disappointed with how my last book has done. I have several ideas of why that is so, what contributed to it not doing well (while my other books DO continue to sell well), but such is the way of things, right? Not going to stress over it, it is what it is and hey what I have received in royalties definitely paid a bill that needed paying so that is good.

I've been working on my sci fi, expanding it - about ten scenes to go on that - and am falling hard for the brilliance of Scrivener as it is helping me sort out my fantasy mess, which I have needed to for about oh a decade, I suppose? More later on that, and on writing in general (I say that and then another month will go by, oops). The happy is I found, buried deep in my email, the outline I'd written ages and ages and I do mean more than 9 years ago for this fantasy story, and rereading it now, I can see clearly what will work and what needs to be changed. All in all though? I think it will be a go. It always makes me so happy to visit with these characters! I miss them!

All for now. It is bedtime - haven't been sleeping well since the weekend because dork me burned the roof of my mouth on too-hot pizza. The burns were pretty much agony - last night I finally was able to tolerate warm food. Horrifically painful. :(

This ended up longer than I thought. I do ramble!

The house is so quiet, with only the dogs to keep me company and right now both are asleep. Shelby is snoring on her pillow, and Maddox, having been worn out by getting brushed (blowing coat season) and playing ball (the husky who fetches!), is laying in the hallway, twitching.  Chasing rabbits? Squirrels, probably, as we have one that taunts him madly.

My son Kelly is in Florida with his sister.  Left last night, first class thanks to my sister.  I have no idea what they are doing right now, or did today, but that is okay - having a son and a daughter who actually adore each other and are having a good time together is really all I need.    But I miss my son aka The Noise Upstairs (days sometimes go by and I only hear him, or shout up to him and he down to me).  This is how it will be for me, soon enough.  Just me and the dogs and the house.  I need to get used to the idea, I know.  That is life after all... kids grow up and leave the parents behind.  There is only one parent in this house though, not two, so my 'empty nest' is TRULY empty.  Am mostly okay with that, but not always....

I need to figure that out. Or get Nick to move to the US.... :)

This past weekend I had a visitor!  That would be the lovely and talented and amazingly nice and awesome [ profile] blue_fjords.  We had so much fun but had a relaxing time, too. Lots of talking, writing, hanging out in bars... coffee bars that is. LOL.  We had cupcakes, I did not make her make them we bought them, and generally just Enjoyed. Then Sunday I tossed her to her family who is nearby, went home and took a nice nap. :)

Writing-wise.... am waiting to hear about my novella. Should be hearing on Monday if that publisher wants it or not. If not, I am considering going ahead and instead of having a sequel, to expand the story into novel-length. I would be fine with that, then I'd kick it over to Amber Quill.  Magic is doing really well - #3 bestseller with AQP during February (whee!) and am quite excited to see just how well it does whenever I get the first royalties.

Other projects!  Working on a novella with my local writing group (for Christmas - we are self-pubbing that, which will be an interesting project), and also have two other projects.... one for an anthology that [ profile] talekyn is headlining (mine will be a mystery, heavily influenced, I admit it, by my recent Castle marathon).  I have my characters, one of which has to be named after Anthony (a requirement of the anthology).  All proceeds will be donated to cancer research, and as Anthony is a cancer survivor (hell yeah!) I am very happy to take part and donate said profits.  Hopefully I can write something worthy of consideration!

The other is for this Crossed Genres ( Kickstarter-funded project, Long Hidden, wherein the main characters are to be from the marginalized population of history with a speculative twist tossed in. :)   I am so very very very VERY interested in this anthology! I am so excited it funded so fast and hope it gets up to $20k so they will add 50k words to the anthology..

My idea is based on an idea I came up with ages ago, from when I worked at BNSF Railway.  I bought a book called "She's Been Working on the Railway", stuffed into my shelves and when I heard about this anthology I knew immediately what I wanted to do.  The catch though? ONLY 7,000 WORDS ALLOWED!!! MEEEP!

Can I do it? I don't know but the idea is simple, and once I find the right voice for my character (I think she will be named Helen, as I love that name), I aim to give it a shot.

Otherwise, that's it.  Work is going well, calming down a bit, and my knee is finally healing.   It's not there yet though, and I dare not walk the dogs again...which makes me sad.  Am too afraid they will hurt me again.  Sigh.  I love them, but those two.....

2012 was not the easiest of years, but it was definitely better than 2011. Last March, after 15 months of unemployment, I found a new job. It has been a challenging, interesting nine months. I love my job. It stresses the hell out of me, keeps me enormously busy, more often than not I am tired tired TIRED when I get home, but it is worth it.

My boss actually is great to work for. Very appreciative, complimentary, and flat-out tells me how happy he is we found each other. LOL. I think I'm doing okay, and it is getting easier to deal with the stress, channel it away from me, and not let the job rule my life, but it takes work. And thinking about it, and stopping to take deep breaths, etc. It isn't always easy still but then again I rather thrive on the crazy, too. I just have to remind myself not to let it own me, or else that is all I will do. Work, go home, go to bed, get up, start again.

Monetarily, though I make a good salary, it has been an expensive year - getting the daughter moved, getting caught up on bills, vacation (which was awesome and wonderful and too short, and dammit I had a cold the entire time, which sucked, but still, wonderful) and car ailments all added up. But everything along that line is going well now. I hope, hope I can stay balanced in that area of life. Living a basic, frugal life is not a bad thing - since I'm used to it, just going to keep doing it. Build up the bank account again as it was totally smashed by losing my job.

I've made some new friends who actually live within thirty minutes of me. They all came to me via Nano - a group that meets at The Gingerman on Monday nights, and Writer's Without Borders (so named because the Border's they met at closed) on Friday nights. LOL that gives me three writing groups though there is crossover between the two new ones. That gets me out of the house twice a week, which is a good thing.

I also sold a book. Yay! It comes out Feb. 3. It Might Be Magic, through Amber Quill Press. Woo!

Am about to send another one in, a sci fi. New publisher I'm targeting, so hopefully they will want it. Woo! It would be the first in a trilogy.

And now here it is 2013. I've made goals but primarily because my writing group aka Team Awesome has made goals. So I had to make goals too, because they made me. But, I like them. So here you go, C's goals for 2013!!

• Writing Goals:
o Finish rewrite of sci fi and send to LSB by end of January
o Jack Frost book – first draft end of April
o Fantasy – first draft summer’s end
o Drake’s Island – first draft end of year

• Promotion Plans:
o Set up blog tour for IMBM
o Blog regularly

• Website Plans:
o Revamp carolyngraybooks
o Create Fantasy website

• Other Goals:
o Glide through each day in a zen state
o Get knee well, get strong
o Knock this last 15 lbs. off for good
o Read 2 books a month from different genres
o Create square foot garden and get back to nature

And that's all, folks!
Power thoughts from all please? Yes? I'll be in a phone hearing re: my unemployment benefits with That Rat Bastard who fired me. I feel confident because I know they don't have a case, but I also know that That Rat Bastard has embellished the truth. He has no real proof though that I said certain things, and the first hearing already went in my favor, so those are pluses.

Still, having to deal with this makes me freaking angry, you know? I want this settled, I want to get on with things, I kinda even want a job soon...and I want to get back to school.

NEWS THERE--I got my letter of acceptance yesterday! So I am officially a student again at UT-Arlington, to start Fall 2011. Oh whee! After Monday--everything is after Monday--I will call and get a time set up to go in and figure out what I need to take. MATHS I need a MATHS class--be prepared for me to collapse and flail! I will not take it first. I'll take it...later. Yeah. Later...

Been reading lots today about that certain NY Times article regarding epic fantasy, Game of Thrones--hello, which I adored, and last I looked I was female--and it really really makes me wonder what the heck I am getting into, pursuing this genre. I actually don't know if my fantasy would be considered 'epic' -- perhaps, perhaps just traditional fantasy, I don't know. I want to get more involved with the genre's peeps--all that 'building the name' stuff--but it is kinda hard to know how to go about it, and yeah, considering my writing 'epic fantasy' and given the realities of the epic fantasy is no wonder I prefer to hang out with my writing group, who are paranormal romance and urban fantasy writers for the most part. They love me regardless of what I write. Smile. I feel safe in their circle!

At this point, just writing the damn book(s) is probably the first line of order, and what I am concentrating on. You should see my OneNote. How did I live without OneNote, I ask you? It has made organizing a breeze. Have put so so so SO much work into it so far and still haven't written a thing of actual story. Good work though, working on it some almost every day. Except for this week as I have been mental a bit, fretting about Monday... Yeah. But after Monday, I should, no WILL be getting back to it. I am almost, almost ready to start hammering out the outline--I certainly know my characters better than I ever thought I would. So that at least is good. Yes.

If not epic, what are fantasy authors like Elizabeth Hayden, Melanie Rawn, Mercedes Lackey considered? Not epic fantasy? Then...what? Am currently reading Hayden's RHAPSODY... it is right up my alley. I like it. I want to be like Haydon. LOL. But moreso, Jacqueline Carey--I have a new one of hers to read, whee! I consider her historical fantasy--sorta. But not really. More... stretched-historical fantasy...but I love her Kushiel books. Some more than others, sure, but mostly yes.

As far as fandom fun goes--been having a blast every weekend helping Nick out with the timed writings group for [ profile] paperpushers. I am beta'ing two more peoples now for the big bang--yay!--and love both their stories and am excited to see how they progress. Also of course Nick, who is making great progress, and Jenny, who is not yet, but will. Soon. :) I love beta'ing good writers! They make ME a better writer, too. Love that! Plus I just like to see others figure out how to make themselves shine.

Anything else? Not really...finally got 90% of the money owed me by former work, and still no news yet from Loose-Id, but I do have my Carolyn Gray website all fixed up and am happy with that. Even taking a stab at actively twittering as her but it is weird... Twitter is another place I prefer my safe, cozy group of people who I know, each and every one. Quirky me, yeah.

So, wish me luck, thanks, really do appreciate it--and hopefully by 2:00 central it will be all over with and I can just relax and and and and...write. :)
There is one up-side about being unemployed when one is truly a writer at heart--all this extra time to write. I've been making the most of it when not looking for a job, or going to the unemployment resource center, or, as has been the case the last couple of days, totally freaking out I don't have a job yet and it has been 3 months already zomg zomg. Most of the time I can keep my spirits up, but sometimes it smacks me. The optimism sinks, I get blue, and I just want to curl up in my bed and pull my blankie over my head. I wallow for a bit but something clicks again, and I get my good attitude back again. Today I made myself go to Starbucks and sure enough, things seemed much more hopeful again. I do love my Starbucks (especially when my kid is working--freebies for Mom!).

Thanks to helping Nick with the Merlin Big Bang [ profile] paperpushers timed writings (WORD WARS!) every weekend, I've already hit 23k so far with Splash Page. I love love love word wars! My competitive nature kicks in, though, so I have to chill. I am a fast writer when I actually am ready to write, but I pay the price with my achy arms later, and also with having to go back over everything. Not complaining though--I love rewriting. ;) Also, another bonus comes with doing these--meeting new peoples! I love new peoples. (Hello those new peoples who have joined my flistees!)

I only work on SP on the weekends though. Weekdays, in-between all the other stuff, it's the fantasy. Things are starting to come together there. So far, I've got the Antagonist, two of the Protagonists, the Main Minion figured out, a ton of worldbuilding stuff, all of which has forced me to figure out aspects of the story I hadn't thought I needed to. Or would eventually get to but didn't need to now. This Warrior Writer method is lots of fun and suits me as a plotmeister, but I'm started to get antsy. I want to finish all this preliminary work and just get writing.

Ballet Boy still doesn't have a title I like much. I don't know what the problem is, but settling on something has been super-hard. Last week I turned in a detailed synopsis, logline, etc., and getting through all that stuff about killed me. LOL. Writing a synopsis after finishing the book just was SO much fun (snark). Got it done though (with much whining on twitter). Now it has all gone to The Big Decider, and hopefully hopefully hopefully I'll get word soon that it is a go.

And of course then I will start freaking out that it needs more work, isn't good enough, sucks royally and will get horrid reviews (as compared to the first). Meep. My editor loved it though, so here's hoping...

Going to try to convince myself to get some sleep now. Am TRYING to sleep regular hours, but have found those damn blues mess with my brain and sometimes I can't get to sleep, or stay asleep, and then morning comes and I get smacked with the no-job thing, and I want to just hide under that blankie some more... Now that my tree outside has leaves, I am going to try and sleep with my curtains open a little bit. See if waking up to sunshine instead of a dark room helps. Guess I'll see in the morning, yeah? Tomorrow is writer's group though (aka #writersnightout, Thursday being #writersdatenight, and yeah we are silly) so I'm planning now to have a good day tomorrow, dammit, or else. Pretending to be a full-time writer usually works and at least on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I manage to pull it off pretty darn well.

Oh! And I forgot, Saturday is going to be wonderful--I have a ticket to go see PARKED, staring Colin Morgan, yo, and Colm Meaney, who I also have always adored. A day in Dallas will be fun, and I hope to see [ profile] lindalee afterward for something delicious and awesome and healthy because like me, she's into that sort of thing. LOL. Need to arrange that. What will be a huge challenge for me will be understanding Colin Morgan, as he makes no effort to change his accent. He definitely won't sound like Merlin for this one! (I could possibly also see it Sunday if I feel the urge). Here's hoping my ears tune quickly to his accent. LOL.

It has been a busy, interesting week! Or two. So here's how things are:

State of Unemployment: Still unemployed! I got a letter from my ex-employer stating that they were appealing the decision in my favor. However, checking the dates, it looks like they are way, way past the deadline for doing so. They did that on the 7th, it is now 10 days later, and my status with TEC has not changed, no correspondence from them, nothing. I was really really angry that they added some sweet little lies into what The Rat Bastard was claiming I said and did. Pretty mind-blowing. In my next ms, there will be a character named Doran. Expect him to DIE DIE DIE a REALLY REALLY horrible death. REALLY HORRIBLE.

Otherwise, plugging along. Today I went to the Work Resources center for a mandatory orientation, and had a blast. Okay I am weird, right? But there are lots of things I can benefit from there, so next week will zip over (it is about 15 minutes from here) and take the different things. Plus, they keep track, and it looks good on record.

State of the Loose-Id: Progress! My editor needs a synopsis and some other info from me so the ms can go to the next stage. Squee! Am I excited? Yes I am excited! YOU BET I am excited! And tomorrow will be Synopsis Day. My alarm is set for 7:30 and I will be hammering out that puppy all day.

State of the Writing Part 1 (Splash Page) Thanks to the word wars on the weekend, my first draft stands at....16,103 words. Am I excited? YOU BET I AM! Sure it is a messy first draft but that is okay. I am writing the first draft fast and dirty, and just having fun with it. Working on it on weekends only.

State of the Writing Part 2 (Fantasy): I am starting to feel like a full-time writer. If I am not doing chores, talking to Nick, playing with the dogs or sleeping, or oh yeah, job hunting, I am working either on Splash Page or on this. I have three writing group meetings a week, and my writing peeps are dedicated and determined. I wish I could just do life like this forever, but alas, eventually the money will run out. Pout. But I am not bored. Oh far from it!. Anyway. This no-name fantasy that needs a name (The Beast Boy sound bad? I could call it TBB for short) is absolutely stealing my brain, my heart, my waking moments, and even stealing many of my should-be-sleeping moments and I LOVE IT. As I've explained before, my Saturday group, Warrior Writers, has a set plan for getting a novel ready for writing. As a Plotmeister, I love it. So far this is what I have:

1. Goals! yes I have them
2. Worldbuilding! Yes, I have it solidly started, using OneNote (best tool EVER! if you want ideas for how to make it work for you, I have them) to keep track of things. but as I discovered, worldbuilding takes time, is fluid, and will never end. So this is an ongoing thing.
3. Antagonist! Yes, Unser LIVES! I have never worked so hard to prepare a character, and I LOVE him. He is so evil! In all the best ways. I learned a lot remoulding him from the sketchy bits I've had sitting around all these years.
4. Protagonist! Yes, Jax lives! And so does Aneli! And I have three more! But WOW, I have never been fond of character studies, but for some reason, with the approach we take, it is working for me. If anyone is curious and would like to see, holler. Next up is Minions. Minions? Okay, I do have one in mind, and she is one wicked thing, so she will be fun to work on. So yeah. By the time I am done with all these, writing the basic outline of the story will be a piece of red velvet cupcake.
and there is a bit more behind the cut )
Every day, I think I should sit down and jot down a quick post of what is going on in my life. I have been very bad about doing that, and not because I am too busy--it is just a pain to get that which is in my head down onto the printed page. So, I decided to take a chapter from [ profile] madwriter and make up a posting format where I can easily plug in what is going on. Surely, surely, that will help me update more often? So, here we go:

State of the Work Thing

Did not get the job I interviewed for last week, but primary reason I didn't appears to be because the attorney snapped up an applicant he knew already. So that was that. But, had super-awesome long talk with Renita, the Law, Snakard personnel director, and she adores me and wants me to work there and would I be interested in another position there? Uh, yes? She has two possible situations coming up, and asked that if I didn't hear from her within a couple of weeks to touch base. Also, she said she would poke around with her network, though "I don't want to lose you to anyone else." Also learned that salaries are quite a bit higher these days than they were way-back-when. Um, lots more than I was making at B&W... so yeah, a legal gig? Might not be a bad thing.

State of the Unemployment

Waiting on the decision. Had the telephone interview regarding my side of things; no one from B&W showed up. Old boss Chris hmmmm'd at that, and believes that B&W made alot (A LOT, STUPID FINGERS) of mistakes--especially with giving no warnings, etc. We'll see. I hope I get it but if not, my dad is being very supportive. And, my ESOP monies should be here very soon.

State of the House

One would think being home so much, my house would be spotless. But being unemployed does not turn me into a supreme housekeeper, apparently.

State of Writing, Part 1

I sent in my manuscript the first part of January, and have not heard from my editor yet, so I dropped her a line last night. I really hope to hear soon, dangitall!

State of Writing, Part 2

Next Loose-Id story: I *was* going to do MS Idea #1 first, but have pushed it back, and will be doing MS Idea #2, which is taking a character from the ms I am waiting to hear on, and giving him his own story. He is about as down and out as a character can be--starting literally from nothing. I ache to write him in first person, but my editor... Oh man. So, I may just write him in limited third, which I have not done before. I'll start hashing out the plot on that puppy probably tomorrow. Don't have to do much before I get started writing.

State of Writing Part 3

This is the big one, full blown historical fantasy, actually a serious rehaul of my fantasy I've worked on off and on for ten years or so. Until now, I have not had the wherewithall to pull off doing this...I just wasn't ready, it wasn't the right time, I had no brain, whatever. But now I have the support I need to make it work (and the maturity? I don't know...). In any case, I have found the guidance I need to tackle this and shape up what I have to make it work with my new vision. It'll be a huge undertaking, but I've already made more progress with the planning stage than I ever thought possible. It is AWESOME. I may write more about that later, as it is a different approach than I've seen before, while not really being that different. It is just ORGANIZED.

State of Writing Part 4

I am signing up for [ profile] paperlegends. I know, I know, crazy chick...but I have this idea I want to explore, and that will be a fun way to do it. Even if no one reads it, that's fine. I am used to not being read by people. If I can make what I want to do work, I do fully intend on blowing it up into a ms for Loose-Id. I have just never written scary before... LOL! Will take a stab.

State of Health

I have set a goal to lose 15 lbs, and to help with that starting tomorrow I am going back on my Diet of Fierceness. I have also joined the YMCA, though my left knee has been angry at me for awhile. It is much better the last few days though so I am going to start going to the YMCA again starting tomorrow. Trying to get a regular schedule set for going--I actually always preferred evenings, so think I will go back to that.

State of Everything Else

All is well everywhere else. I am keeping busy, though I think a more set routine is in order. I try not to think about the scary side of being unemployed, or the cold hard fact that I don't have a ticket to the UK to go see Nick in my hand--that really slays me tons, it has been a full year now! Okay, that is too damn long. Dammit. I am antsy to get out of here and DO something, SEE things, EXPLORE and and and and... yeah. Sigh.

And that is about it. Future entries will (or should) be more specifically geared toward parts of the above. I need to get back into the habit of ljing regularly, and also? I need to start working on pumping up both Carolyn Gray and myself, too, and blogging regularly under and (I am in the process of trying to get person who utilized it before no longer seems to be doing so, so I'm going after them using GoDaddy's service for that. I WANT MY NAME DAMMIT!) I also, sigh, should be having an open twitter under carolynrogers and carolyngray but OMG... Well, more on social media and name-branding later. It is all new to me, but my crit group leader is a huge banana in the field, a strong advocate for name-branding. Eek, she wants me to get a FACEBOOK! NoooOoooooOOOooooOOOOooooOOOOoooooO!!!!!

And one last thing:

State of the Puppies

Lazy, as usual. :)

Oh yay!

Jan. 26th, 2011 12:56 pm
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The laptop can be fixed! Took it to JWJ Computers, pulled it out of the backpack, computer dude with bad toupee said, "I know exactly what is wrong with it." Seems this model of HP was well-known for being very very bad--bad circuit boards. There was a recall at some point that I never knew about--maybe because the store we bought this from went belly-up within a week or two after we got them? (Nick had one too but his died a different death lol um yeah).

So, happily, my baby should be back in a couple of days, and cost only $125 to fix. I can deal with that.

Had Tuesday night writer's group last night, just me and Suz and Cid, which was lovely. I got my OneNote organized for the three ms's I have to work on, though I am going to work on only one right now. I seem to do better like that. OneNote is pretty damn nifty. Suz and Cid have theirs so darn organized! Very shipshape, but not so over-organized as to make one think "Wow, that is all you do re: writing, isn't it?" Actually, nope. Suz has already sold her first (YAY!) and Cid sent off an entry last night to Samhain for a novella call. She let me read a little of another of hers, and I know, I just know in me bones, that 2011 is her year.

It is so nice to have peoples around here to do writerly things. Well worth the bit of drive I have to make to meet them.

Job hunting continues. Am currently in a good state--am okay $-wise, my dad and sis both have my back, which helps, especially Dear Old Dad (as we call him). I did great with the temp agency tests, and the agent person I am working with loves my skills and is convinced she can help me find something permanent along the lines of what I was doing, except in the oil and gas industry. I am all for that, as two of my buds, Cody and Jeremy, went that direction. Would be awesome to be downtown near them! We're having lunch next week. I miss those guys.

So my optimism is up for the moment. I think talking to Dad a long time about it all has made me feel better. Much better. Surely, surely, SURELY I will find something, anything, by the end of February?

In any case, I can't fight it anymore. I am about to fall asleep on my keyboard. Too much thinking last night. Bah. Plotting, mostly. I hope my mind can stay at ease now where I can do something besides stare at the walls and freak out. That's getting old! Very old. And does no one any good, not me, the kids, or Nick who is about to move to the UK! Like...FRIDAY! OMG! I am so happy for him. :) I just better get to go see him, soon. VERY SOON. Or else I shall keel over. Sigh.

Naptime now!

C (oh look I signed it like an email)
Guess I've been busy, as I haven't posted once since October 1st. Shame on me! So, what's been going on? Not much other than trying to recover from the horrible experience of my boss, my beloved boss of the last decade, getting fired(!!!) and how that has changed everything I feel about this job. A huge, huge disappointment. Huge. HUGE.

Am listening to podfic alot lately...right now am listening to an amazingly marvelous one called Student Prince (a Merlin AU). It is so well-written and imaginative, I am just simply thoroughly enjoying the fire out of it. Been reading a bit of Merlin fanfic too and beta'ing it... OMG which reminds me, like Toy Story? Merlin? then dash straight away to [ profile] misswinterhill's lj and read her take on a Merlinized Toy Story world. Absolutely LOVE this story to bitty bits! It is adorable, touching, made me cry darn it...and showcases why I love Jenny's writing so much. I should move this paragraph to the top. There. Much better.

Other things...getting ready for Nano, beta'ing fics for Nick, Jenny and Blue, reading more (current read is The Iron Duke and yes it is romance, gasp, but it is also damn clever steampunk which is why I am reading it). I cleaned out my books and have a stack of 19 books over there I must read before I can buy anything else, which means I have to avoid going to the bookstore on Friday nights after writer's group because my dear friends are always trying to make me buy yet another book. They all read at ten times the speed of light. I swear I have never seen such voracious readers! I'm on page 233 of 378 and that has taken me a week. Oh well, at least I am savoring it and enjoying it longer this way, right?

Nano is going to be a blast. I'll be participating lots more this year because I actually know people now and won't find it as easy to talk myself out of going to things. I've got two projects for Nano: finish the ms I'm working on now (have about 30k to go) and start the next one which will be my "Project for 2011" project (fantasy, full-on, man). I will also be starting another loose-id book...I have the idea loosely-formed in my head. It will be fun, I think. With aliens! LOL. I think. Yeah.

Other things...if anyone has a secret for convincing a body to BUDGE past a certain weight, lay it on me. I am so firmly thoroughly ridiculously stuck at this weight and want just 10 lbs. more to GO AWAY NAO but it WON'T. We have a gorgeous track at work and now that it is cooler I'm going to start hitting that after work. That may be all I need as I don't know how I can possibly eat any healthier. But talk about infuriating--grr. LOL.

Hmmm... guess that is it for now. Reading, writing, nanoing, podficcing, beta'ing, working, dieting, any other -ings? Worrying! Daughter graduates in May and is intent on heading out of here and hopefully working for Teachers for America for two years, somewhere in Anywhere USA. She really wants to go to San Francisco, or the East Coast, 'anywhere but Topeka!' lol. I vote for Nashville as I am smitten by that city, but we'll see. Sigh...not sure I am ready for this, but this is what life is all about, right? Doesn't mean I have to like it...

I absolutely ADORE my new camera phone!!

And in other news...thanks to Jim Butcher, and my FW peeps, and sitting here all afternoon at work and not working and just THINKING, I have my plot, I have my setting, I have my main characters, I have my conflict, I have STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is good.

Except for missing [ profile] cruentum, lost in the wilds of Germany somewhere.
Being in a really fun and fabulous writing group that inspires, encourages, and leaves one energized and excited.

Just sayin'.

C, the Happy Camper :)
Shelby has been re-crated. She is thrilled, btw--she loves that corner, it is all hers, and Maddox doesn't set paw near it. I had to take away the crate when Claire was alive as Shelby would attack her for getting near it. Not good.

The door is closed just for the picture.

She will be crated now while I am at work--Kelly will let her out halfway through the days. She has been Bad lately and I am sick of it. Not sure what the scoop is, but she is banished until we can Solve The Problem.

I'm going to try that 'write a short LJ post' thing now. Can I succeed? Not sure.

My writing group, Rhino's Anonymous (or is that aNANOmous as it is the Nanowrimo group) meets once a month on Saturday's at various places, but usually at a coffee house in Arlington called Java Jo'z. Well... we got there today (which is about a 45 minutes drive for me--no big deal) and it seems Java Jo got in trouble with the health department as it has been closed down. Damn. We ended up on the other side of Arlington at Corner Bakery and happily, getting there first, I managed to snag the one and only plug in the whole place. Eight people showed up which is a nice group. Am really enjoying myself with these peoples--I get alot of inspiration and just... feel-good feelings from them all. We're already gearing up for Nano, which I will do though I'll be into my fantasy by then. So guess I will not be officially-official, but still--now that I know peoples, it is just too fun, the thought of taking part in the madness.

Didn't get much done today on the rewrite, but that's okay--got SOME done. Rewriting entire scenes, chopping out hopefully around 100 pages...fer real...I have a goal of getting that done and turned in by Armadillocon. End of August!

This is already getting kinda long.

Been eating alot of vegan/vegetarian meals. I like. I feel much better too--yesterday, I did NOT eat this way, and I felt blah and poofy today. Pout. Getting back on track though. LOL. Any favorite vegan/vegetarian recipes would not go unappreciated. Mainly, staying away from dairy and, sigh, cheeses, seem to be making the most difference. Hmm.

What else? Oh yes. John Barrowman. Everyone who knows me and Nick knows he is the one obsessed with interested in John Barrowman...he is the one who stalks keeps track of what JB is doing. There are those out there, like Nick's friend E in Germany, who wonder how I deal with the obsession, if I ever get tired of it all, if I get annoyed hearing about Barrowman Barrowman Barrowman all the time...and the truth is, no. I don't.

I told Nick that what I need to do is write an entire post devoted to why I have come to admire, respect, enjoy, adore, love to bits, worship (okay that is stretching it), and appreciate the man and what he does. I should, though am afraid you all would roll your eyes. I should do it anyway, as the list may just surprise you. Perhaps tomorrow. Yeah.

Right now I am feeling a little sick-headed--one of my son's damn friends lit up a cigarillo in my house. It stinks, it is disgusting, I am pissed off and they know better. I hate the smell of those things (and of cigarettes--smoke outside, that is fine with me but not in my house!), and the reason is exactly this--my eyes now burn, and my mood to write is compromised. GROWL. Shelby doesn't like it either. She is whining a blue-streak!

I want to color. I want a really cool coloring book with crisp white paper and fun things to color, and pretty pencils. I need a hobby, dammit! And too many things would hurt my hands. I can draw with LOTS of work put into it, but I don't want to do that. I just want to make pretty things. Pout. I guess coloring is cheating, huh.

End of post. I just can't write short can I?

(one more thing--Nick is going to wake me at 5 a.m. to watch Tonight's the Night. And yes, I am letting him, because I can't wait to see it either!)
1. Play with Maddox. This is not an odd thing to list, as these last couple of weeks it has been near-impossible to throw the ball for him. He is so sad about this he has eaten his throw-ball. He'd already eaten his good ones. I need to order him a new one, but not spending money right now.

2. Read. I am reading The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham. This is all [ profile] misswinterhill's fault after our recent discussion re: atomic-era sci fi movies. I loved those things when I was a kid! She told me "that movie sucks but the book is awesome!" So, I had to get it. It was published originally in 1951, but so many things Wyndham explores are spot-on for today also. It's dated, and isn't.

I'm reading it on my beloved new itouch my sister bought for me. I love love love my little new toy! I know alot of people who scoff at ebook readers, they'd rather have the feel and smell of a real book, but reading books on my itouch is brilliant. Small, always-ready, can read in the dark, curled up and snuggled into blankets, and just a tap shuts it down. Open it next time and it goes right to where I left off. I am sold. SO much easier to deal with than either a Nook or a Kindle.

3. Begin my [ profile] dark_fest fic. The goal for this fic is between 5-10k. I have a rough idea what I want to do, but want to get it started this weekend.

4. Begin my [ profile] reel_torchwood fic. This one will be long and windy.

5. Clean house. Daughter is gone for the weekend. This is SWEET. I plan to dump her crap in her room, do the floors, dust and clean and just get this house back up to snuff.

6. Clean out my car. It needs it.

7. Attend the writer's group thing tomorrow at 1:00 at Border's on Hulen.

8. Figure out what the hell to work on for writer's group thing tomorrow (not fanfic there, nope).

Maybe the two should be switched?

My computer is running hot and I have no idea why. Going to shut it down for a bit. So weird!