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I have three characters who will eventually meet.  Two girls and a boy.  Do I want to write separate stories for these characters, or weave them all together into one story, which would boot me out of the realm of YA because of the length?

Current ms (almost done) - MC is a 16 year old girl, miserable refugee kid from Dakarai (forbidden country - no one goes there) who has long felt out of place in her adoptive home, and longs to, and dreams of, returning to Dakarai where her brown kin and flat eyes don't make her different from everyone else  Growing up, her father forbade talk about Dakarai, but for some reason her uncle, in secret, taught her the songs of their people - mostly childrens songs aka little lesson songs  - and thus kept the language alive in her.  While traveling with her half-brother's and his mother's people on the river separating Dakarai from their home, the ship is attacked by terrible, fierce beasts and the Crimson Riders - the Rex of Dakarai's warriors.  As the only Dakarain on board the ship she is separated from the others, but then escapes thanks to help from two slaves, but not until after she is given a choice--be a slave like the others, or become a Rider.  She learns later that the Rex has horrible plans for the people she once couldn't wait to get away from.  Her brother and the others are taken deep into her enemy territory.  She must find her brother - vows to - and must deal with the reality of finally returning home, her dream (and the theme of the book is woven in there).  And a bunch of other stuff. Lots of stuff.  She eventually discovers that she wasn't just a refugee - NOT A CHOSEN ONE THANKS - but she isn't the only child rushed secretly out of Dakarai when the Rex took over.

As it stands now, hers is the only POV in this book (third person), and at the end, she will start looking for the others like herself.  And that is the quandry - I *could* do this multiple POV and write the other two characters like her in the first book, weaving their journeys to the same end, or I could write each POV in their own book (and the last have all their POVS?? that would be weird).  Or, I could simply add a 2nd pov in the second book, add the 3rd in the third.  Would that be weird?  First book - 1 pov.  Second book - 2 pov (with current MC the lesser POV).  Third and final book - 3 pov (with the 1st and 2nd POV the lesser POV until they all get together in the end)..

Sirens 2016

Oct. 23rd, 2016 09:14 pm
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I'm still in Denver, but Sirens 2016 is over.  I am SO GLAD I WENT.  Yes I am yelling. A lot.  It was totally worth it and [ profile] sartorias though you weren't there this year, your presence was felt - I heard you mentioned quite often and with much affection (okay by me some too).    I had a blast and made some new friends including the amazing   [ profile] queenoftheskies.  :)

Am in my airbnb and about to just call it a night.  Travel day tomorrow but my flight isn't until 1, so it will be a long day.  And, a layover in St. Louis. Whee.

I vow to post more.  Once every 10 months is really not sufficient is it?

How is it that I have been working on this manuscript since last July, and I just now realized that two characters are fully primed to have deeper roles than I ever planned for them to have? And that by finally realizing this, that I have the overall plot arc thing I was thinking didn't exist for the third book?

Why now, C? Why now, brain?  It was there ALL ALONG.  ALL. ALONG. BRAIN!

How this came about was I have misplaced my purple Moleskin that has all my early plotty and character notes in it.  It HAS to be in the house somewhere - but I don't know where.  So, frustrated, I decided okay fine, can't find it, and I need to hammer out these last chapters in idea form, so I will just sit here and go back through all the stuff I did at the first and rewrite it down, because that helps my brain remember things, and so that's what I did last night and at lunch today.  And that is when it all exploded in my brain, at lunch.  Wow. WOW.   My confidence in this story continues to rise, expand, and grow. My focus continues to improve, too.  I wonder if it is the MCT oil...   I believe. I BELIEVE.

WRITING IS SO FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've felt drawn lately to return to LJ to ramble about things - I have become a Facebooker, yes (though honestly mostly a Redditor), but to actually put myself out there makes me not so comfortable.  So I post a lot of dog and food things as a result.   I've decided I need to just be here more often as it is a good place to at least sort of know who is reading my intimate ramblings.  So onward with the update, which is in list form, because I am tired and sleepy and want to go to bed now.

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Catching Up

Oct. 6th, 2015 10:01 pm
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It has been many months since I wrote a post, except for the GYWO community posts I write now and then.  I just came back online last night after almost 2 months without internet.  The first 3 weeks were great!  I got so much done! I got into a good treadmill habit, cooked, read a lot, hammered out words...  And then it started to get dark earlier, and though the cold isn't here yet, the darkness made me feel lonely.  So next thing you know I am using all my data up on my phone.  Not good.

So got back on the internets and here I am watching netflix, some documentary about water. This is however research, for real!  Water and the lack and manipulation of plays a big role in my ms so I thought this would be interesting.  In fact it is, and has given me some ideas, but it sure is frightening too what parts of the world do with precious water.  (Focus on a tanning factory in India made me nauseous, watching that chemical-laden brackish water pouring into a  river where people bathe and wash and I don't want to know what else).

I am waiting to hear from Hodderscape.  Decisions started going out on the 29th of September.  Nothing yet.  Will they want more?  Will they say thanks but no thanks? Who knows?  Whether or not they want the rest, I'm having so much fun with this story.  I'd like to have it finished by end of the year but we will see.

I also pulled out my ancient fantasy I stopped working on about 15 years ago.  I have no wish to pursue self publishing with it, or traditional publishing (as I am pursuing that with the current ms).  So I am seriously considering having fun with Wattpad with it.  I've got quite a bit of it and I'd like to finish it.  It is funny, rereading that which I wrote long ago makes me realize just how well I wrote back then.  Would that I had never let those who destroyed my belief in what I was doing get near it.   But I am happy with what I am doing now. YA fantasy aka A Girl's Adventure Story is my jam.  As is writing in first person. SO MUCH LOVE.

Otherwise not much else going on.  Kids are good (and both have serious partners! oh my stars), work is good (busy as always), getting my treadmill time in almost every day.  I'm doing Couch to 5k but took off last week. Why did I do that?  Got to get back into it.  My son is staying with me a couple nights a week which is nice, and that is all.

Now to curl up and reread what I wrote by hand at lunch today. I only meant to jot a few things down and ended up writing six handwritten pages. 
I have no idea why the banner isn't working for me.  BUT ANYWAY.  I committed to 200k for 2015.  Pretty daring considering the last 4 years I haven't even written 100k.  But I am moving along with this story, I have real, firm goals, and know what I want.  And I miss community, I miss people, and I really am looking forward to that.  Oh look, the banner mysteriously decided to start working.

Just five minutes ago I realized that so far during nano, I have basically written two chapters. That doesn't sound like much, and it isn't, but that has been a chapter a week, which was always my happy pace In Times Before.  I still have about 12,000 words total okay less now that I spent the afternoon choppiting at what I have because of changes to a character that needed to be fixed, and the need to weave in a journal of folk songs that will prove important later. And somehow now I have more like 9,000 words over 2.5 chapters.  A chapter a week is a good pace with me what with helping MIL, tending to stuff at home, and working.  I'd like to do more than that, sure, but 1100 or so words a day most days seems to be where my brain is geared. So I'm going with it.

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My daughter has a Ron Weasley sweater on it.  Big R (for our last name too - convenient!).  I want one!!!
There are so many things broken around my house that I need to get fixed:

1. Kitchen sink - garbage disposal is dead, and my hot water is turned off under the sink because of the leak i had a few weeks ago that totally saturated through to my bedroom before I discovered it. I can't fix this one myself dammit.

2. Bathroom toilet - it is dead. I know how to fix toilets, but for some reason the water won't shut off. It is bizarre. Fortunately my half-bath is right next to my room, but what a pain. In fact I need to redo my entire master bath. It looks like a college dorm bathroom. Boring.

3. Fence. I need help turning my fence into Sibe Quentin - there are two main places where the dogs have destroyed it (chasing squirrels and possums) and so the places are covered up with junk. I need desperately to get planks replaced, fencing generally fixed, and chicken wire/gravel put around the perimeter (best cure for husky escapes). If I do that, then I can get a doggie door and the dogs can go in and out all day.

4. Carpet - needs ripping up and replacing. Badly. BADLY. I spent soooo much on that carpet - and then got huskies.

5. Walls - got a professional paint job 9 years ago but it needs serious touching up all over - love my yellow walls but edges, baseboards, etc. yeah. Kitchen needs repainting too.

6. There is a hole in the wall in my bathroom. Needs repair.

7. Little bathroom - needs baseboards. Tiff painted it a pretty green and I like it but it is so generic. It would be nice to spiff it up.

8. Upstairs - major cleaning, throwing away of old furniture, two aquariums need breaking down - son owes me and needs to take care of this crap

9. And then of course my car - needs cosmetic work (new side mirror, new front grill, the hood has dents that I think can be fixed, the dark blue paint is being beat up in the Texas heat and I would love to get that spiffed up).

10. Backyard - huskies are very hard on yards, and my yard sucks. I would love to build a new back porch, big slabs - I know how to do it as my co-worker did and told me how to do it but damn, hard work. I also want more trees. I have a big backyard. Wait - more trees means more squirrels....

I also want to get a new table and chairs for the dining area, sell my treadmill and move the little marble table into the kitchen area - I want to steam my floors too. And fix the front yard up, plant flowers...


Okay not really - but seeing this list makes me think I need to figure out what of this I can do myself, what I can get my son's help, and who can do the other stuff for me. I need a handyman! Or woman! Someone! And a plumber.

At least, thankfully, I know my a/c won't give out on me this year - it is brand new! It CAN'T!!!!!!! And is under warranty.

Also - this afternoon I went to Starbucks and poured through my oldoldold fantasy and the newer one and realized that yes, they belong together - it was interesting to read back through my outline of the old fantasy and see where I lost focus on some of the characters, especially Milandria, but where in the new fantasy, she has a rich role... and I realize that it won't take much work to rework the entire outline, weaving them together... the story arcs... so important they all work, and in the oldold it all fell apart and I couldn't see it...

I definitely think it is worth the effort of seeing if it truly will work as I see it in my head. Definitely.

Finished the Cleopatra Selene trilogy this morning from 2:00 a.m. to about 4:30. LOL. I woke up at 2:00 and went to the restroom and thought oh man, so close to the end... shouldn't take long! And so I did. And bawled like crazy, hit my emotions hard and awesomely - absolutely LOVED this trilogy (Stephanie Dray is the author). If you like first person, female POV, an MC with incredible insight and a damn good journey, exquisite writing (well I sure liked it) and a writer who makes a world and time and place come to life... yeah. Good story.

Am rewatching Orphan Black in prep for the next season/series. So excited, so fabulous to watch again - picking up more stuff, little hints, and am clearer on things. So damn good.
Writing for me has never been a must-do-or-die thing. The closest I came to that was when I wrote Red back in 2003. Writing that book was my way of coping with an incredibly stressful time of my life. I was a very lonely, super-stressed person then, so writing was pretty much what I had in the way of inner happiness, the one thing that was all mine. I worked on Red and I began toying with an idea for an epic fantasy... actually it was the other way around, the fantasy led me to looking for pictures for characters which led me to a Savage Garden cd which led me to looking for stuff online for more pictures which led to slash (OH MY!) lol which led to writing the first incarnation of Red. I have not felt that kind of drive to write since finishing and publishing Red, but life is way, way different now and I am also so much happier than I was then. (just deleted a lot of self-analysis drivel lol as to why this or why that).

(and just deleted a whole bunch more drivel about my past writing. LOL. Let's stop looking to at least that slice of the past, okay? Good.)

What it comes down to is for now at least I have put m/m aside. It is on one hand a bit scary to leave 'a sure thing' behind, but another to find something that makes me excited, and changing genres seems to be what is bringing out the bounce again. I've been happily working on my science fiction story off and on the last few months, but recently I started to think about stories I had started but for one reason or another left unfinished (including that epic fantasy). So, since life here has calmed down, both kids are back in their homes after a nice week long visit, vacation is in the past (sob), and I am living alone, just me and the dogs, and my free time is all mine, I decided to drag all that old stuff out. Again! I have done this so many times! LOL. (THIS TIME IS DIFFERENT I SWEAR.)

Over the last week I've been going over this epic mess. I have around 99k written (about a third, I'm guessing), it is completely outlined (said outline I just found buried in a folder I had at sometime dumped into dropbox), but until recently I could never see how to organize it, make it work. What a mess! But I love this mess! For years I have adored this mess!! Such a mess I could never figure out how to organize it...and then along came Scrivener!

How I love Scrivener!

Thanks to Scrivener I am finally getting things organized, and have realized what I need to change on the outline, and am gaining a solid grasp on the story, and am just totally smitten with the storyline again as I reread it. It also depresses me a bit. What happened to this writer of 13, 14 or so years ago, that she totally lost the spark and fire and creativity I am finding in these scenes? Sigh.

Oh well stop crying, Cee. Now is actually the perfect time to get this all together. Scrivener is a HUGE help, I have the option of self-publishing now which will be perfect for this. I have a friend who is eyeball deep in self-publishing AND does amazing covers who will be a giant, enormous help. This is finally gonna happen, yes it is. Woo! Technically there are 3 stories I have outlined and two with basic but solid blurbs.

My other current project is my science fiction story that is coming along quite nicely despite not working on it since before July (vacation month/kid visit month). I also have plugged it into Scrivener which helped me see what was lacking scene-wise. I have about ten or so scenes to write, then polish the whole thing to perfection before I send it in to the publisher I have eyeballed for it. I had toyed with self-publishing this but no, not for science fiction, not for this story. This little story has gone through the ringer, but I am finally getting it where I want it. I have two other stories planned to follow too. I have a strong desire to get this done and out there...I want very much to sell it while my dad is still around. He is almost 81 and he is why I love science fiction as I do. And fantasy, but mostly science fiction. So yeah, Dad is very much incentive to get this done but I can't rush it rushing, I want this book to succeed! And it has been rejected twice (thankfully!) so I need #3 to be a success.

The other story I dragged out of the dust bin would pretty much qualify, I suppose, as not-urban-but-rural fantasy. Sort of. Another story I have long loved but haven't figured out what to do with, but kinda have more inklings now... Wolfhunter's been around almost as long as Epic but I only have one chapter or so and no real plot yet. But the characters! I LOVE THEM!!! SERIOUSLY! I'll keep this one bubbling on the horizon. And figure out a plot! Good idea, huh! But the characters... Yes. Love them.

I have been playing with this post all afternoon and now here it is after eight. Time to send it up! Am watching Super 8. Never seen it. This should be fun.

Night kids!!

Yawn... I have toyed with this lj all day long!
It has been a long time since I wrote a post - or at least long enough that new changes have slipped into place. Hmmm. Wonder if they've fixed my photos issues... #$@!

Anyway, just a quick drive-by. I sold a new book! Not only that, I sold it to a new publisher, after making a difficult decision to seek a new home for this story due to the lack of anything happening with where the story had been. Bad sentence, trying to avoid sounding grumpy but yeah, five months of "we'll get a contract to you!' and then nothing, well... I was done, and attending GRL in October is what cemented my conviction that it was time to move on. GRL also cemented my convictions regarding writing m/m fiction... WOW such LOVE! I am still a bit dazed by all that, but absolutely, the best time at a con I've ever had. Ever. Ever ever.

So, because my new publisher does not let things wallow like the previous one, I got my acceptance and contract within three weeks of submitting, and IT MIGHT BE MAGIC will be out February 3rd in ebook format, and print after that. The publisher is Amber Quill Publishing, and I am super duper happy to be with them.

Right now I am working on a sci fi story, and am eyeballing a couple of other places for that. Then I plan to return to my roots, mystery, and finally sink deeply into a story based on Drake's Island located off the shores of Plymouth, UK, where [ profile] cruentum (he who never posts anymore, woe) lives.

Otherwise, not much else is going on, and then yet everything is. Something happened to me at GRL - an awareness that I am more likable than I realized, and people actually wanted to hang out with me. Okay that sounds silly but you are talking Me here, the unpopular kid with very few friends back in the day. The only person from my past I keep in touch with is Holly, and we've been friends since Kindergarten, so yeah.

So anyway, I went and got myself involved with another, local writing group, and through Nano formed another group that meets at the Gingerman, a local pub. :) I have developed a true passion for hard cider!! Finally a drink I can handle.

I also am exploring another side of myself that I have considered for many years - that group stays in touch with FaceBook (gasp, I know!) so because of them, and only because of them, I have a Facebook now. Or rather my pseudonym does... not me! I went to a Christmas party hosted by these peoples and had a marvelous time. Quite happy with myself for getting out there - though for a moment, standing around at first I had flashbacks to those awful dances in high school I went to alone, stood alone at, and left alone from, I managed to shake that off quickly and ended up talking the night away. Think that super shy introvert scared of not being seen as real will always be there, but these people? They see me as real. I think that most of all is what I came away with last night - no hiding who I am, what I am, what I do, and in conservative Fort Worth, Texas, well, that is amazing. A miracle even.

Ha this ended up longer than I thought I would. Am about to go take a nap - Nick is off making diabolical melted snowman cookies with his friends, and I have lotsa stuff I need to do later for the new story, but right now? Yeah. Naptime, sounds good.

I... once again have ignored you, LJ! I am so sorry. So much has been going on at work and at home, and we're getting ready to move my daughter to grad school in Orlando. She has to be there before she can move into her housing (wth) but thank the stars my friend Karen and her husband, who used to live here but now live a mere 15 minutes from UCF, will put us up until she can move in. YAY!!!! I am so excited!

Now though I am hoping to find a place for us to stay the night of the 11th of August. Any of my flist live between here (Fort Worth, Texas) and Orlando, by any chance? We can share a bed...

I am watching clips from the US Olympic Gymnastics trials. I am so excited for the Olympics!

Work is going FABULOUSLY. I am very happy despite being so incredibly ridiculously and amazingly busy. Yesterday I ran into peoples from Snark aka the law firm where I had worked at and got my killer legal assistant skillz back into gear. Ed, my beloved not-boss I would've loved to work for, was there and gave me a big hug. They know my boss and are glad I am doing so well. LOL.

A new book contract is on its way.... YAY!!!!!!!!!

And, I am still pondering the sci fi story. I nearly rewrote it to m/m but my beloved [ profile] eurydice72 sat me down and said, "What do you think you are DOING?" LOL. Varmint.


So, back to the original plan to rewrite and fully expand the story. It is put up for the moment, until I get IMBM revised.

Everything else is going great. I've joined a new adult activities group via MeetUp and it could be good. I also, sigh, made my pseudonym join Facebook. I KNOW I KNOW....

Nick will be here soooon!! Just a few more months, he's getting his ticket this weekend YAY YAY YAY!!!!!

I am very happy right now. Once I get my daughter safely in Orlando, and back home again, my son and I will attack the house really hard, with plans to get the entire house into its best shape. There is a dumpster in our future, that is for sure!

Where does one go to access one's lj photos directly? There are a bunch I want to pull off. I'm in the process of finally getting my photo database together using Picasa. There are photos her on lj i don't have anymore anywhere else.
As I've mentioned in several earlier posts that I've found it incredibly difficult to summon the energy at night to write. Work is amazing and interesting and fun, I love it but WOW, busy? Very. LOL. And it takes a toll on me physically - in the evenings, my poor arms/hands/shoulders even are often very sore from typing all day (the other day hit 5k or so)! WHINE MOAR. I am so very glad to have this job! Okay that is a given. LOL. But...

Then, I stumbled, in a very roundabout way, on this post by Holly Black: Holly Post

In the post she talks about another post by another author, Rachel Aaron, on her method for writing 10k a day. Yes, a DAY. Here's that post: "How I Went From Writing 2,000 Words a Day to 10,000 Words a Day."

What a fascinating method. It makes a lot of sense. I know when I am in the swing of writing, I do tend to fantasize ahead of time what I'm writing next, and the writing goes exceptionally-well then usually. But, it isn't something I've thought purposefully about doing, with a set plan, until now.

Though my goal is not to write 10k a day (my arms would fall off anyway!) I do have a goal of writing consistently, so am going to give this a go. An experiment, to see how it works out for me. I'm in-between projects at the moment, with plans to expand the science fiction (and have figured out two epubs I plan to target for) but I don't have any of it really figured out. For this, I don't want to pants-it. So, I glanced warily over my shoulder, at the one project that I do have outlined wonderfully and would be ideal for this experiment, my ever-patient dear fantasy that I have been planning on getting around to sometime. As I've already got it broken down by POV, so figuring out each scene should be a breeze. Yeaahh...

My goal is to start out with getting two scenes a work-week, two on weekends. What I hope happens is after devoting the next two weeks to this experiment that I'll be so happy with what I have that I simply decide to keep on going.

So, giving it a shot, and will be watching to see how Holly Black and her fellow experimenters do with their own experiments. :)

At this point, any writing will be an improvement!